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    8/25/14 Asian Hostess Club In My Hometown?? = DILD

    by , 08-25-2014 at 07:46 PM (475 Views)
    8/25/14* Increase recall due to RRC?!! Also better about staying still in bed going over dreams during awakenings. Also stomach issues. LD again. Little day practice. Mostly some RRC and couple of extended RC's.

    Determining if I am in the Serengeti by the sound (possibly due to much chirping IWL, window open). Some argument between others directing me to about where the Serengeti begins and visual of cloud shaped outline designating the borders of it. It seemed more like a forest in the dream.

    Using self diagnostic tools before going to doctor may be useful. I pull over on the way to hospital to check? Look up? (maybe not really...but maybe for me who doesn't like to go in unless I think serious or doctor can help me. I wake with strongish stomach pains...bloating? Read about supplement?)

    Adventure two boys. Me and #son ? Bundle of cash #money #treasure . Looking for place to bury it. Where did we come from? (RRC) Doesn't matter...son wants to get a map to mark spot to bury. Only matters where buried. Going all around, like childhood runaway adventure fantasies. This is great! Wife joins us later? She's shopping at garage sale. I'm waiting for her and kids playing in front of me. Protective dad comes. I say "hurry honey" so he knows I'm not just watching his kids, I'm waiting for someone. Now he's friendly. Go in his house with 3 guys inside, one from Apple software skinny curly hair comes up to me. Do you like smart games? Yeah...Hard sell for kids though. "Do you know X from Apple?", I ask. "He works with cell phones." 3 guys all overly friendly... gay?

    "Kyle Orton" is boss but I do not connect his name with the football player. job stacking stuff, falls, shirt untucks, he thinks I'd be good for lead academy...also CPA II position...he explains...ah like a buyer.

    #coins in quarter machine. 3 $5 bills..one fake...maybe all? Junk and coins and #money below in cabinet of machine. Machine gives tokens darn. Day residue. +++

    Someone is babysitting. black boy sleeping in closet bottomless. Not big. Someone pulls him out. He farts like crazy and laughs.

    Mild #earthquake or dream?

    Heading to #league game in WC. We have 20 minutes to get there. Rest of team goes in bus..I'll meet them there got to get something first. #lostMyWay in circular streets with artery down middle. See mall on GPS map, can park there and ask for directions. Lady says go out through there and if you get lost you can call the #police ? On way out on left there is an Asian club like they maybe have overseas (but here!?) with sexy hostesses or escorts?...I just know i'm dreaming! There are two #sexy women at entrance seated.
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      Spoiler for XXX Content - Open minded adults only
      Biggest laugh-out-loud for the day concerning the FA--oh man, those false awakenings . . . !
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      Haha, I see what you mean! Well, if that didn't scare you off, check out my DILD this morning. I actually used a little softer language this time but it was near-epic sex and very exhilarating!! But you didn't "like" my entry ...haha
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      Situation corrected!