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    fOrceez's Quirky Subconscious!

    I won't be updating this very often, but when i do, it'll most likely be a barrage of dreams.
    The dates of the dream journal are on the top right of the post. As said, i won't be updating this regularly.

    1. The Local Tavern

      by , 06-14-2011 at 11:28 AM (fOrceez's Quirky Subconscious!)
      Notes| Dream|Lucid

      I guess i've been slacking off a bit lately.. heh.. I'll try and catch back up with what I missed. I've been lazy lately.. not bothering to write down my dreams when I wake up each night. I shall stop that silliness and write everynight! EVERYNIGHT!
      Anyway, here's the journal

      5th June
      I was at Jewells tavern with my small bunch of family, Dad and a few family members from Dad's side (uncles, aunties). Dad and I went outside for some reason, and then a lady that was cleaning the plates away from an empty table dropped a glass cup. Dad and I helped her pick up the shards of glass and a lady sitting next to us started a conversation with me. I don't remember the particular words of the conversation, but she was asking me about how much a slushee (icee) costed from the bar. I told her it was about seven dollars and we both agreed that it was fairly expensive for a slushee.
      I turned to Dad and said I wouldn't have enough time to finish my meal- I had to go to the gym with my cousin. My aunty came out and told me to just call my cousin and ask if we could go later.
    2. War Again? This time, invasion.

      by , 06-02-2011 at 11:18 AM (fOrceez's Quirky Subconscious!)
      Notes| Dream|Lucid

      1st June

      I don't remember much about the beginning of the dream. We were at school, Jacson and other people from school. It may have been raining?
      We were then in the gym of the school, all seated watching a movie really loud. We heard hissing sound that was gradually getting louder and louder. It was a missile that had hit a few hundred meters from school. Jacson and I looked out a window (that isn't actually there in the etheric plane) and saw soldiers parachuting down onto the roads. At first, i thought they were going to kill all civilians but they were only ordered to invade with little resistance as possible.
      Eventually, we had a few soldiers come investigate the gym (I really don't know why we had the movie playing so loud in the first place.) I remember accompanying a few people open the door. The soldiers said they weren't looking for trouble and were just checking out no 'resistance-gather' was being held in here.
      I don't remember telling them what we were doing but one of them made fun of me. I think I attacked him.. then the scene changed.
      I was at home, the invasion had already finished. I walked outside and saw new people unpacking, they were moving in. Dad came home from work and told me to call Mum, she was still in Sydney. I was to fill her in on what had happened and to warn her to be careful.
      One of the new neighbours came over to greet ups, he was a really nice fellow, friendly. He even gave us gifts (isn't it supposed to be the other way around?).
      lucid , dream fragment
    3. Girlfriend's Minecraft House.

      by , 06-02-2011 at 10:46 AM (fOrceez's Quirky Subconscious!)
      Notes| Dream|Lucid

      31st May

      A two story house in the middle of nowhere surrounded by grass, built Minecraft style in wooden planks. It was my girlfriends house, apparently. There were windows made of glass. As we were snuggling in her bedroom on the second story, I looked out to see a suspicious man 'creeping' up to her house.
      As he sneaked in, I waited next to the stairs for him to walk up. As he was about halfway up the staircase, I jumped down behind him and knocked him out. There was no resistance, it was easy.
      After he was unconscious, I left outside to investigate. The house was surrounded by a low, wooden fence. I came back inside and as the man was regaining his consciousness, gutter-stomped him in the face. (Ouch..) I picked the fully grown man up over my shoulder and threw him over the fence into the neighbors yard.
      I looked up to see if anyone had saw me 'disposing a body' (even though he wasn't dead). About 100m from me was another house, in the open garage were a man and a lady staring at me, the lady had brunette hair. I remember nothing of the man.
      I ran back inside and continued cuddling with my girlfriend. Shortly after, we heard her mother pull up on her driveway. Not wanting her to know I was here, I hid in the room next door. As they were speaking, I laid down in the corner of the room where a 'block' was missing. I tried to listen to what they were saying.. and woke up.
    4. A Night with the Circus

      by , 06-01-2011 at 12:28 AM (fOrceez's Quirky Subconscious!)
      Notes| Dream|Lucid

      A had a few oranges this night, I heard it helped with recall, and here you go, a fairly vivid dream!

      31st May

      Jacson, James, Cameron, Maddie, Sarah, Julia and I were in some sort of casino, the lighting of the place was pretty dull. (False memories: we were on a camp and coming in for dinner.) We and other people from school, were all eating dinner in a fairly large room, and the back of the room were big steps, like the steps from my bowling dream, but covered in carpet this time. With no warning, Jacson ran out of the room. I just knew he was going to look for James and followed him.
      We ran out of the room into a few corridors joining together, at the far end of the corridor was a sliding door, but we didn't get that far anyway. Jacson was still running, i don't think he really knew where James was, cause James just popped out of a corner to scare the living crap out of him.
      After knowing that James had been found and was safe, I ran back inside. The doors were all green automatic sliding doors. When I got back to the room, the tables had been removed and my group was sitting on the steps near the side of a big wall.
      We heard a dark, dark laugh.. it was almost like a roar. Some gut feeling, we all just knew there was a crazy man on the other side of the wall.
      Sitting on the steps, chatting amongst ourselves when a parade suddenly started. They came through a big door and walked along the area we were having dinner previously. Men, beasts, animals, all in cages. Following behind them all was a lady, about 20-25 years of age, brunette and wearing a tight black leather outfit.. kinda like Catwoman's, but no mask.
      Monkeys were let out, they were definitely trained. They started pop dancing all over us, arm waves and the lot! They were jumping over the crowd, running everywhere.
      To the side was a Remote Control Car track, starting high and coming down to the ground. Then a RC car came flying down! A monkey casually stepped onto it and started dancing, it was absolutely awesome :p

      The lady walked up to Cameron, Jacson and Maddie and moved them away from us seeing as they were talking. She then walked up to me and asked, 'Do you want your parents back?'
      'They're not my parents.'
      'They can rejoin you, but you must make sure they are quiet.' I had the impression that she was trying to imply, if my friends were not, she would do something nasty but i knew she wouldn't. She just seemed too familiar.. 'Actually, I have decided your group will come sit with me as punishment.'
      I really didn't mind, I wanted to know more about her anyway. I wanted to know how I knew her..

      We sat a couple of steps further up, me sitting next to the leather suit lady, i don't remember what the rest of my friends done, I recall them coming to sit with us, but i don't remember anything about them after that. I started questioning this mysterious lady. OH- I'VE SEEN HER BEFORE! Or at least, i think i have? She could cover her body in flames by will.
      "Can you teach me magic?"
      No answer.
      "Is your flame for defense only, or can you attack people with it?"
      "Defence only"
      "So you can only put it around yourself?"
      A man from the circus started performing. He was slim, but very muscular, tanned and had Asian features. He had two tribal tattoos on his shaved head and over his upper torso. I think he was standing on one of the cages performing.. breathing fire?
      I felt a connection with him, but not a connection of my own. I looked over at the lady in tights, "You like him, don't you?"
      She smiled and blushed.

      This brunette lady seems also very familiar to the girl from my second lucid dream (previous post).
    5. went into a dream for a few minutes.. woke myself back up for some reason..

      by , 05-31-2011 at 11:02 AM (fOrceez's Quirky Subconscious!)
      Notes| Dream|Lucid

      Alex (Dark_Merlin) said something to me, we were both in my kitchen.
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    6. 2nd lucid dream; this time it's War!

      by , 05-31-2011 at 10:47 AM (fOrceez's Quirky Subconscious!)
      Notes| Dream|Lucid

      I napped at around 4pm when I got home from work and wbtb after 2hrs of sleep.

      Time sleeping: 15 minutes
      Time in dream: 2-5 minutes?

      The dream started in a trench, apart from myself, there was a guy and a girl in the trench with me, both young adults (around 20 years old?) I think we were some kind of elite group in the army. My fellow soldiers were dressed like this but darker, I assume i was wearing the same thing.

      I remember being low on ammo.. We jumped out of the ditch and started running across the grassy battlefield. In the middle of the battlefield were two enemy helicopters, the girl jumped unnaturally high and grabbed onto landing skids. While in mid-air with both hands gripped onto the helicopter, she swung it around with little effort and threw it.
      The girl dropped to the ground and jumped in front of the next helicopter's cockpit, she pulled out her automatic rifle and shot down the pilots.
      I turned to the other male soldier and said, "just cause we're low on bullets, doesn't mean she has to do that.." As this happened, i started to question reality..
      OH, IT'S A DREAM!

      I felt the wind whipping against my face and body as I was running. I wanted to ground myself but looked up and realized we were running at unnatural speed. Instinctively, i tried to search for Alex's aura as I did in my last lucid.. then I remembered he's still awake. I felt the dream drift away from me.
      memorable , lucid
    7. My first lucid.. and possibly shared dream?

      by , 05-29-2011 at 11:17 AM (fOrceez's Quirky Subconscious!)
      6am WBTB and then felt myself go 'into' the dream from waking state. I don't think i'd class it as WILD as i didn't induce it. When i woke up, I told Alex all about my dream, i believe he will post his dream up soon

      I woke into the dream. I don't remember where i was, but i do remember touching something around me to try and ground myself.. the sensation of touching something made me start to lose lucidity as I thought of my waking body still asleep.
      As i was losing lucidity, I thought of Alex (Dark_Merlin) and his aura. I could feel a teal/turquoise color far far away and turned to face it. Giving it a shot and trying to prolong my lucid dream, i 'jumped' to him (Like the movie Jumper). The don't remember much about the jump itself except that it went from black nothingness where i couldn't even see my own body to Alex being infront of me, a big LONG wall to my right (Alex's left) and Toby (a friend of ours) standing next to me. Assuming this was a shared dream, I tried to bring Alex into the lucidness. I done the Lady Gaga pose of covering one eye up seeing as his RC check sign is an eye.
      Alex just started laughing and Toby walked away.
      Giving up on trying to lucid Alex, I picture a door on the wall tried to 'will' books and my.. DG inside. When i 'felt' that there was someone inside, i felt someone 'probe' my consciousness, like they were trying to link their mind with mine. I remembered a friend of mine telling me to Kamehameha if i had a lucid, so I walked in front of the door.. and Kamehameha waved the door down. I walked inside to see a (lady?) there. She was short and not the most attractive of women. This lady had a very amused look on her face. I felt insulted and walked out of the room. She laughed and walked over to me, in front of the door and asked me if i knew where Toby was.
      "I don't know, probably talking to girls" (or something along those lines).

      Alex's Dream: http://www.dreamviews.com/blogs/dark...ng-yard-18284/
      I believe the wall would be abouts the end of the bridge. If anyone can work out what the wall may represent in his dream, please comment on this dream entry or his. Another friend of his went lucid about two nights ago and when she went to find Alex in his dreams, there was also an endless wall.

      Thanks for reading!

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      lucid , memorable
    8. Physics Class

      by , 05-29-2011 at 10:51 AM (fOrceez's Quirky Subconscious!)
      Notes| Dream|Lucid

      27th May

      Remember being at school in my Physics classroom, sitting next to one of my friends John. The teacher asked me if i'd done my homework (False memories: we were lighting croissant[spelling?] with bunsen burners). I told him that i had it drawn down the croissant but i hadn't shaded it yet.
      "You better shade it in, then."

      LOL what!

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    9. Vampires.. in my backyard?!

      by , 05-24-2011 at 11:51 AM (fOrceez's Quirky Subconscious!)
      23rd May 2011

      Notes| Dream

      I had no recall during the 21st and 22nd..

      Apparently there were vampires living under the soil in my backyard.. Some asian spiritual people/exorcists came. Seeing as it was still bright outside, they went to spray holy water on the soil. The exorcists armed themselves with silver blades of some type.. (very much like katanas but very slightly thicker). I asked for a katana in case one of the vampires got past their defend, it was very light.
      As they were getting ready to face the vampires, a male and female (both in their late teens) stood in front of the garage door (?) and started playing on an instrument what i can only describe as Asian version of a violin. Instead of having nylon(I don't know much about violins) strings, it was strung with what seemed to be thick rubber.
      Integrated into the side of my house was a bus full of high schoolers (no idea why). I climbed into the bus, watching from the windows into backyard. "Here they come.." I said to everyone on the bus.
      The I heard music played from the violins followed by a sharp scream. The vampires had come out.. A vampire with black hair and black trench coat flew into the bus and stuck his fangs into the girl in front of me. Instinctively I stepped forward with katana in hand and went for an exorcism head lob.. the katana did about as much as chisel at his neck. The vampire looked up at me and leapt at me. I blocked with the katana but he was way too strong.
      I ran out the bus and fled. He chased. I sprinted into my room and grab a Gameboy Advance off my bed.. just as the vampire was about to strike at me, i offered to vs him. (WHAT ON EARTH) He accepted my offer and left my room (phew).
      I jumped out of my bedroom window and climbed over the fence in my backyard, running up the driveway of my neighbors house for help. The house was.. different. It was like construction was being made on it with fluorescent orange tape around areas. I climbed up the stairs (they don't actually have stairs at the front of their house..) and just walked into the house. I looked out the window into the backyard of my house-

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      non-lucid , memorable
    10. fOrceez's Dream Journal

      by , 05-24-2011 at 11:20 AM (fOrceez's Quirky Subconscious!)
      20th May, 2011
      This is one of the two dreams i recall on the night i first started my Dream Journal.

      Writers Note| Dream

      My family and a friend's family were on a holiday together just about in the middle of nowhere. My friend (Martin) and i, decided to split up from our parents (i think they were doing something boring we didn't want to wait around on). While waiting in the 'waiting room' (funny that) for our parents on cushiony single sofa chairs, we decided to go exploring. We entered a corridor that seemed to just go on forever..

      The corridor itself was white, along with most of the buildings that we passed and seemed to pass through or just along every single building in this small town which is weird cause it only went straight( it went on forever and ever.. I think we spent at least half an hour to and hour getting through this). I don't remember if the buildings had any signs on them. We kept on walking cause i really felt like shopping.. We saw a building approaching with a Westfield logo on it. I got excited.. for nothing. Passing through the huge shopping center with high ceilings, there was all but one small shop in it.

      Leaving the building form the opposite side which again led back into the corridor. Eventually, after God knows how long it led into a room shaped in a semicircle, big enough to hold a convention. The circle half of the room was made up of glass windows all vertically rectangular.

      We left the building into what seemed to be Star City's (a casino's) dropping bayI turned to Martin, ."Dude, i know this place.. I've seen it before.. across the road there's a motel and service station." Sure enough, there was.
      Martin stared at me with eyes wide and then the whole setting changed. We were standing in the middle of a bowling alley, very colourful (primary colours: red and white). Martin started running down the steps and hid in a bad storage compartment.

      I turned around and saw a man about to throw a bowling ball the size of himself at where Martin was standing. It flew down the steps and locked onto the storage area like a heat-seeking missile. Somehow, it didn't hit. (I have no idea what happened). The man then turned at me and started throwing bowling balls at me repeatedly (REALLY fast!). I ran down the bowling lanes and dodged the first volley of bowling balls then I turned around to face the guy.. and started doing Tai Chi. The next few balls he chucked at me i caught without quite touching it and threw them back at him.

      Then i woke up :D

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