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    From the Void to Minecraft-Night of 4/2/24

    by , 04-03-2024 at 12:27 PM (83 Views)
    blogs/gejoh/attachments/10874-void-minecraft-night-4-2-24-screenshot_20240403_061255_samsung-health.jpg blogs/gejoh/attachments/10875-void-minecraft-night-4-2-24-screenshot_20240403_061303_samsung-health.jpg

    *I didn't wake up at 12 like normal, probably from the poor sleep yesterday, instead I woke up around 4 am and laid there for a while. I'm just trying to relax and imagine things. Soon they kind of take on a life of their own which tell me I'm ready to enter a dream.*

    Color code

    *around 5:30am*

    Suddenly I'm in a void, I can fly in different directions. I try not to get too excited while flying and yet not too frustrated at the lack of visuals, I try to focus on what's already there. I see a purple blob and begin flying towards it, it transforms into a purple dragon as it flies away from me. I'm beginning to see where I am now, Minecraft again, it looks like I'm underground in spectator mode.


    Remembering one of my tasks I hold my hand in front of me to attempt summoning a huge ball. *This is something I've visualized while awake*


    It's about the size of a small pebble, "It's too small" I think to myself as I toss it away and continue to fly up to the surface. Everything it's crystal clear now and looks just like Minecraft. I see a huge mountain and decide to fly straight through it, as I'm passing through it, it's like an image of the mountain just before I hit it is stuck in my vision for a second or two before I finally pass through it. I start looking around trying to not over fixate on that. I see two mountains and a village in the far distance. I start flying there looking at the ground and noticing my shadow. I start fading and wake up.

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