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    Help from my Dream Guide

    , 03-29-2011 at 03:29 AM (850 Views)
    non dream - lucid - non lucid

    I am in the countryside, walking up a path which leads to my house. (I have never seen this place)
    The path leads up to the top of a small mountain.
    The area isn't very populated, so I don't encounter many people on my way up.

    I finally reach a small street, my house is at the end of it.
    There's a few more houses, maybe 12 or so and a water fountain in the middle of the street.
    For some reason I am attracted to the fountain, it is very beautiful, but I don't really know why.
    As I approach it I start to question my surroundings and quickly realize that I am dreaming.

    I am happy to have become lucid, but the feeling quickly vanishes.
    In front of the fountain I find a dead wolf. He seems to have died because of a deep wound on his neck.
    I feel odd. Seeing the dead wolf makes me kind of sad.

    It starts to rain. Has it ever rained in my dreams? Does it rain because I am sad?
    The sky starts clearing up and it stops raining, rays of light start poking through the clouds.
    A small bird emerges from the light and lands on the fountain, looking at the wolf.

    I have seen this bird before! It is the same as in the Dr. Who dream!
    The bird looks at me for a few seconds.
    Then he switches his attention back to the wolf.
    He spreads his tiny wings and they start glowing in all kinds of colors.
    Some glitter emitted from his wings lands on the wolf.

    The wolf comes back to life and looks at the bird. They exchange a few thoughts, the wolf is thankful that the bird saved his life.
    He runs away. I am amazed by what I just witnessed, but I still feel somewhat weird, although in a positive way now.
    The bird takes off and lands on the hand of a girl.
    I recognize her, It's Faye!
    She looks different than last time though, but her aura is clearly the same.
    She has long brown hair now and shimmering green eyes.

    "What have you learned from this experience?"

    I remember that WakingNomad has asked me this question a few times.

    "He's a phoenix..."
    "Yes, he is, so what does this mean?"
    "I don't know... what does it mean? We are in my dream bubble aren't we?"

    Faye gives me an affirming nod.
    She acts very mysteriously. Yuya sometimes does that as well.
    I kind of like it though, I've always been a fan of mystery.
    She wants me to keep thinking, I'm supposed to come to a conclusion.

    "So this phoenix, he is part of my imagination?"
    "A projection of your subconscious the people on your forum would say."

    I think this is the first time a DC has made a direct reference to DV.
    Faye talks about how in my dream bubble, everything that I don't actively create is a projection of my subconscious.
    I already knew that, and she knew that I did, but she's trying to make a point.

    "So where does this idea of a phoenix come from?"
    "That is the question. Knowing the question is half of the answer."

    I really like the way she is speaking, it is so mysterious, yet it is very clear that she is leading me onto the right path.
    I look at my left arm and spread my own wings, which I use to navigate the dream plane.
    I remembered correctly, the wings on my left arm do look exactly the same way as the wings of the phoenix.

    "When I use these wings to teleport, that is actually a phoenix ability."

    I say this more as a realization than a question.
    And after saying it I know that I am right.
    I can use these wings to move through the fabric of space and easily navigate the dream plane by doing so.
    I can also heal other beings, but the ability is far too complex for me to do anything major.
    I could never revive someone, not even a very simple being, such as an insect.
    The sheer amount of energy this would require is beyond my imagination.
    I remember that I have used these abilities many years ago in my dreams.
    My vision is blurry, I assume the dream is about to end, I feel like I should thank her before it does.

    "Thank you, I have indeed learned many things from this experience."

    I say this quite awkwardly, I am a bit shy.
    Faye approaches me and whispers into my ear.

    "I am your dream guide you know, this is what I do, maybe you should ask me for help more often..."
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    1. KristaNicole07's Avatar
      Very cool. It sounds like you've learned quite a bit about yourself.

      It's so cool the things that our minds use in dreams to represent different concepts. Ah, the dreaming mind. Tis infinitely intriguing.
    2. Hyu's Avatar
      Yes it is definitely very amazing and intriguing!