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    Lots of short dreams and a FA chain

    , 01-09-2011 at 10:14 PM (782 Views)
    non dream - lucid - non lucid

    I set myself a WBTB alarm to go off after 6 hours of sleep before going to bed.
    I have also started reading "Exploring the world of lucid dreaming".
    I remembered a lot of dreams this night, but none of them were very vivid, and my recall wasn't very good either.

    1. False Awakening (before the WBTB alarm)
      I wake up, my mobile is ringing. I turn the alarm off thinking it's the WBTB alarm I set earlier and decide to try one of those mp3’s which help you become lucid.
      However, my headphones are stuck behind the mattress, I can't get them out...

    2. (This is after the real WBTB alarm)
      I can’t seem to fall asleep after the WBTB. (I'm actually already dreaming at this point)
      I touch my shorts while turning around. Wait… I never wear shorts in bed. I RC.
      Cool, I quickly get up, but realize the dream is unstable and a mess.
      I try spinning to fix it, which partially solves the problem.
      I jump downstairs, go to a window, and push myself through it without opening it and fly away… not very far though.
      There’s a girl at my neighbors house waving to me. I land next to her…

    3. Fragmented
      I’m in high school. I realize I don’t belong here, but I only become half lucid for some reason. I get the urge to investigate my surroundings, but I don’t understand that I am dreaming.
      We leave our classroom. Everyone goes right, a single girl goes left.
      I follow the girl (obviously, right? *cough*)
      We get to the chemistry lab. It requires a retinal scan to open it up. She provides it and we get in. There’s a teacher and another student inside…

      … The girl hands me a “potion of power”.
      I’m intrigued and drink it in a single go. It heats my body up quite a bit, I feel really strong…

      … The potion had some adverse effects, there’s something growing on my belly…

    4. (This was clearly the most vivid one)
      I follow a very athletic girl in 3rd person view.
      She’s a rather sexy treasure hunter. (think Tomb Raider)
      She’s at a sea, diving down very deep without any scuba gear.
      Having dived before, I realize this is physically impossible, but I don’t become lucid.
      She enters an underwater temple from the bottom. She accelerates upwards, jumps out of the water, to grab onto a thick cord about 4 meters above the water surface.
      There are more cords all over the room.
      She starts jumping from cord to cord. She is incredibly skilled.
      She’s wearing some sort of climbing aid, a belt with a hook, which she can use to secure herself on some of the cords, but she rarely uses it.
      She suddenly turns towards me as she reaches the highest cord.
      She looks me right in the eyes.
      I no longer feel like I’m observing her like a game character, I now feel like I’m floating next to her.
      She takes a red slightly transparent yoyo out of a pocket and hands it to me.

      “For you!”
      I take it.
      “Thank you!”
      The dream ends.

    5. False Awakening
      I immediately realize I'm dreaming and go to my window to jump out.
      I’m being attacked by an oversized (human size) parrot. WTF?
      I start kicking him to go away. Suddenly I become aware that I can use much stronger powers than kicking. But I don’t want to kill him, so I quickly draw a portal as he approaches.
      He flies into the portal and disappears. I have no idea where I just sent him, I find this quite amusing.

    6. False Awakening
      I wake up again. I remember to RC every time I wake up.
      Ha, still dreaming.
      I walk out of my room; my mother is in the next room. I don’t like having my parents in my dreams, I unsummon her...

    7. False Awakening
      I wake up again and succeed with another RC.
      This time another girl is in the room. She’s wearing a very sexy black dress. I go say hi, ask her why she’s in my house. She can’t remember.
      I ask her name, she doesn't know that either...

    8. False Awakening
      I wake up again. I RC.
      I note that this is quite a FA chain I got going on here…
      Someone’s standing next to my bed and yelling at me. I try to fall through the bed and floor of my room just to see if I’ll manage.
      It works and I land in the next floor, on my ass since I forgot to turn myself around mid air…

    9. False Awakening
      I wake up in bed yet again, perform another RC and become lucid.
      This time my cousins children are in my bathroom. I talk to them in my native language rather than English, which I usually do in dreams.
      “What are you guys doing here?”
      They jump around super happy.
      “We’re dreaming! We’re dreaming!
      I remember that both have told me that they have lucid dreams.
      I wonder if it's really them.
      I think that dream sharing would be easier for children, because they don't over-think what they experience.

      (They have told me not long ago that they have lucid dreams occasionally
      One of them has actually described to me how she ends unpleasant dreams, or changes the scene.
      She told me she closes her eyes and visualizes a new scene. I was impressed that she had such a level of dream control.)

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    1. Baron Samedi's Avatar
      So many lucids! WOW!
    2. Sweet Dreams's Avatar
      Nice to have your FA's work for you. Love the part about the children. I used to do that too as a child.
    3. Hyu's Avatar
      So many lucids! WOW!
      Unfortunately, when that happens they're always extremely short.
      All of them lasted for a minute at most.