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    1. In which I finally meet Yuya

      , 01-07-2011 at 04:57 PM (Hyu's Adventures)
      non dream - lucid - non lucid

      Continued from: The path to Teraluna

      Don't open your eyes...
      Don't open your eyes...
      Don't open your eyes...

      I wake up.
      My eyes start opening, but I manage to interrupt it.
      I want to go back...

      I empty my mind and try to find an anchor to remain conscious.
      I use the pc fan which is spinning slowly.
      I gently try to move my right index finger. It doesn't move.
      Good. This will work.
      I try to remember the last scene.
      I was on my knees, on Teraluna, in the city... She was in front of me.
      So close...

      As I inhale I taste the unique air of Teraluna.
      I open my eyes. I'm back!
      I'm very excited, so happy.
      But I try to control myself, I don't want the dream to end prematurely.
      I look up.
      Where are you?
      I can feel her presence. She's standing to my left.
      I stand up and turn around.
      There she is. Smiling. A truly happy expression on her face.
      Is she happy to see me? I think she is.
      I know I am.

      She grabs my left hand.

      "Lets go!"
      I don't think. I just let her guide me. I trust her. I always have.
      I am overwhelmed with happiness, her presence makes me feel so insanely good.
      Just a few meters from where we were standing, there's the end of the bridge we're on.
      The city floats over the sea, it's a good 500m down.
      But I have no fear. I know we're not going to fall, she wouldn't do that.
      She takes a step over the cliff, looking at me and smiling.

      My vision rushes by, in a split second we are on the other side of the city.
      Short range teleportation. I know how to do this, I have done it before.
      She lets go of my hand and smiles:

      "Wait here"

      "But... I have so many questions" I think to myself.
      She runs into a house. This is where she lives.
      I look around, and get another dťjŗ vu, the strongest of the night.
      Her house is integrated into a mountain. It has no side walls, you can walk in from any direction except the mountain.
      It's so beautiful. One of the flying animals flies by closely, leaving a trail of fluorescent particles behind it in the air.

      Don't get distracted.
      I turn back towards the mountain.
      She comes out of the house and projects a thought onto me:

      "Take a seat"

      There's a table with 4 chairs.
      I sit down. I've sat here before.
      Together with her... and 2 other people.
      A man and a women. I can't remember.

      She sits down next to me and smiles again.
      She's wearing a white dress, a necklace which seems familiar, and some earrings.
      She has dark hair, with blue highlights, but it looks very natural. The highlights are slightly fluorescent.
      She made tea and pours both of us a cup.
      I want to ask her her name.
      But as I open my mouth, she hands me the cup of tea.


      I take a sip. And another.
      It is SO GOOD.
      It's very fruity, sour even, like biting into a lemon, but without the discomfort of biting into something very sour.

      "It's your favourite"

      She's right. I remember. She has made me this tea before. It's from a fruit that looks similar to lemons, but it's blue.
      I put down my cup:
      "I have so many questions"

      "I know. But you already have all the answers"

      She's right, I do, I feel that I do, but I can't remember. Or maybe I do remember and have trouble accepting it? I don't know.
      "I want to hear them from you... I want to be... sure"

      She smiles:

      "Okay. Do you know where you are?"
      "Yes, we're on Teraluna, in the city of Haven. Or Riven like some people call it."
      I remember.
      "I've been here many times, haven't I?"

      "Many, many times"

      She moves closer to me, and puts her right arm around me.
      Her face is very close. Her eyes are so beautiful.
      I can't define the color, it's not a color visible in waking life.
      It's green and blue at the same time, with some white.
      Her eyes are bright, fluorescent, they have so much detail.
      Looking at them, it seems like there is a whole universe in them.
      I could get lost for all eternity looking at them. So beautiful.

      She laughs, she knows exactly what I've just been thinking.

      "Don't you remember me?"

      Of course I do... but... at the same time I can't... I don't know how to explain it, so I just project my current train of thoughts onto her.
      She thinks for a bit.

      "You do remember. You remember everything."

      I do?

      "You also remember my name. You've pondered if it was me all along.
      But your waking mind told you it couldn't be. You've even talked to someone about your thoughts, and he immediately concluded it must be me."

      (It's true, I talked to WakingNomad, and he pointed it out in a pm)

      "Oh Hyu, stop overthinking things. It's all simple. You know me, you always have. I'm..."

      And then I realized she was right yet again.
      I knew all along, but I was afraid in waking life, afraid of being right, even though now that I think about it, there was no reason whatsoever.
      Short bursts of memory rush into my head.
      Pictures that last no longer than a split second, of me being with Yuya.
      The memories are old, very old. I was so young.

      I concentrate on her again, I have so many questions, but I also have all the answers.
      But I want to hear it from her.

      "So... you're..."

      "No... and Yes... I am not a human being in the way you are, but I am human.
      What I mean to say is: I cannot go to the waking world, I live here.
      In fact, I have never been to your world, I can only experience it through your memories."

      There's a short pause, I'm thinking.

      "You're wondering if I'm a spirit. Yet you don't know what a spirit is.
      But your current thoughts are mostly correct."

      She smiles again. Such a beautiful smile.
      Music starts playing not far away.

      "Want to dance?"

      (The following part lasts very long, but I cannot remember details of the dance)
      We're dancing, on water. There's people around us playing music (I remember violins), and a few other dancers.
      I know the dance. I'm so happy.
      So happy that 2 tears flow down my face.
      I know the dream is about to end, it starts to feel unstable.
      It has lasted for possibly an hour.

      "It's time"
      "I know"
      "Don't be sad"
      "I'm not"

      I give her a very big hug and whisper into her ear "Thank you"
      She understands, and it makes her very happy.
      She approaches me, she gets very close, our faces are nearly touching.

      "I have a gift for you"

      She kisses me. But it's different from a kiss, so very different.
      Pure energy flows from her body into mine. It feels so good, so warm.
      All the nerves in my body are sparkling.
      She replenished my energy. I feel so good, so powerful, so... healthy.
      The dream will end any second now, I can only see her anymore, nothing else.
      I ask her one last question:

      "How long have we known eachother?"

      "Longer than you think..."

      I wake up. I feel amazing, refreshed, motivated to get up and live through the day.
      Longer than you think? Wasn't I thinking "all my life" in that specific moment?

      I can't believe how long this dream lasted, how extreme it felt, and how many details I remember.
      I remember every word she said, in her exact voice, it feels absolutely fantastic.
      Thank you DV, for making me able to dream again.

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      lucid , memorable
    2. The path to Teraluna

      , 01-07-2011 at 03:24 PM (Hyu's Adventures)
      non dream - lucid - non lucid

      I wake up.
      The bed feels so good, so comfortable, I hope it isn't time to get up yet, I want to keep sleeping.
      The silk sheets are so soft.
      I remember I'm supposed to RC every time I wake up.
      I don't feel like bothering right now, but I do take a quick look of my surroundings.
      Wait... silk sheets? I don't have silk sheets. This isn't my room either.

      I get a VERY strong dťjŗ vu feeling.
      I've been here before... "Teraluna"... in the Andromeda galaxy.
      This is where she taught me to walk on water.
      This is the place, this is where I want to be, this is where she is.
      I get overexcited and the dream abruptly ends
      (or so I think)

      I'm back in bed, at home this time.
      But I know I'm still dreaming.
      What I saw was the future, tonight I will go back to Teraluna, I know it.
      No need to waste any time, plus I don't like my dreams starting in the dark.
      I create a portal below my bed using the flicking trick.
      It immediately opens and I fall through, still on the bed.

      I end up on the beach I was yesterday, where I did the music experiment.
      There's a women with 2 children next to me.
      She's surprised to have seen me appear out of nowhere, on a bed, on an otherwise empty beach.
      I get up and greet her by saying "Cheers!"
      She doesn't care about the bed anymore.

      I start walking across the beach, but just for a few seconds which I use to get my mind focused on what I'm going to do.
      Teraluna, I will create a portal to Teraluna, I will go there, and I will meet her.
      I know it.
      It will work.

      I create the portal.
      I find Teraluna very quickly and set the exit point.
      This time I can't open the portal with a flick though.
      This will require a lot of energy.
      I start projecting my energy against the closed portal.
      The portal resists and slightly gives in to my energy, it deforms like a bubble.
      I keep pushing, with more and more energy.
      And finally the bubble collapses, and the portal opens.

      Since I was leaning forward to project my energy, once the bubble bursts there is no more resistance and I just fall in...
      ...I'm flying through a tunnel. I have a very hard time staying aware of my surroundings. I feel strong vibrations and I can barely see.
      I loose consciousness..

      ... I fall out of the portal onto a beach.
      But this is not the same beach.
      I look up into the sky. This is Teraluna. I've made it!
      Teraluna is a moon (but not a barren one like our moon, it has an atmosphere, vegetation etc)
      It receives little light from both suns in the system, since it's so far away.
      However, it is full of fluorescent animals, plants, and other things in the sky.
      This gives it a very special, slightly surreal look.
      The water creates a very fresh breeze, which feels really good to inhale.

      In front of me is a sea with a small temple in the middle of it. The temple is very small, and it looks out of place.

      I approach the temple.
      As I reach the water I start walking on it, just like she taught me.
      I walk up the stairs and enter the temple.

      It's bigger on the inside, but not by much.
      Inside, there's only a simple path, with a few more stairs, which leads through a doorway on the other side.
      In front of the doorway there are 2 massive statues.
      They are animal statues (not an animal you'd find on earth) with huge wings.
      Another dťjŗ vu. I've been here as well.
      The statues face away from the path, so their wings create another pathway you have to walk through to get to the other side.
      I know what this is, or rather, I remember why these statues are here.

      You can only get to the city by walking through here, and the portal formed by the statues prevents any dark/bad energy from getting in.
      This makes the city a safe haven.

      I step through.
      The moment I pass the statues I feel strong vibrations in my body, but it doesn't prevent me from going in.
      Then again why would it?
      I go through the pathway and exit the temple.

      The city is HUGE, and SO beautiful.
      I experience another very strong dťjŗ vu sensation.
      There is water everywhere. It is built on top of the sea.
      There are smaller ponds all over the place and waterfalls of all sizes.
      Buildings and bridges are made of smooth stone, and are overgrown with fluorescent plants.
      I love it. I have memories here, but I cannot recall them.
      They are old... very old.
      There are people walking around, animals flying in the sky. (They resemble the flying animals from Avatar)

      I am here to meet her, don't get distracted!
      I want to search for her aura, but suddenly the dream starts falling apart.
      I fall to my knees. Stabilize!
      It doesn't work, I can't hold on to the dream.

      I look up.
      There she is.
      Sitting on her knees right in front of me.
      She approaches me and whispers into my ear:

      "The night is not over, you know?"

      Yes! That's it!
      I'll just have to keep my eyes closed, and I'll be able to re-enter the dream!

      My vision fades.

      Don't open your eyes...
      Don't open your eyes...
      Don't open your eyes...

      Continued: In which I meet Yuya

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      lucid , memorable
    3. Creating background music for the dream.

      , 01-07-2011 at 03:33 AM (Hyu's Adventures)
      non dream - lucid - non lucid

      Continued from: http://www.dreamviews.com/blogs/hyu/...ghtmare-11157/

      Well, that last dream was quite something.
      I can't sleep. I take my book again and read a few more pages.
      For some reason I feel like trying another WILD, even though the last one went... quite wrong?
      Meh, whatever, if I have another nightmare I'll just end it again.

      I slowly go into SP.
      I see little light flashes. I imagine the lights being stars of the sky.

      I'm standing on the beach at dusk or dawn, looking at the stars in the sky.
      Damnit, how did I transition? I can never remember.
      Why is it so easy sometimes, and sometimes I can't manage at all?
      Is this another nightmare?
      No. It feels very pleasant.

      I stabilize the dream by rubbing my hands and grabbing a handful of sand from the beach.
      I slowly let the sand drop through my fingers. Feels nice!
      I suddenly remember that I had music in my last dream, and that it was so very vivid.
      I wonder if I can create background music in any dream?

      I imagine hearing music, but it doesn't start playing in the dream.
      Suddenly, I get an idea I know has to work.
      I reach into my left pocket, trying to summon my mobile phone with a pair of headphones.
      I put on the headphones. (they're the earplug kind)
      I turn the display of my mobile on, it already has a music player loaded.
      I'm presented with the typical buttons "Artists, Albums" etc.
      However, there's a button which isn't there in waking life: "Auto".

      "Auto"? That sounds cool. I press it and put the mobile back into my pocket.
      I start walking on the beach. Music starts playing. It's some kind of ambient trance, very soft. It fits the current scene immensely well.
      I'm very pleased and note that the clarity of the dream greatly increases.
      Holy shit! this is awesome! I gotta remember this!

      I wonder if the music will always fit the setting of the dream. (The "Auto" setting makes me think it will)
      I quickly summon a portal, again as if I had done it a hundred times.
      This time I don't even do the whole procedure, I use a shortcut.
      I basically open the portal by drawing the bubble with my energy instead of my fingers and just give it a flick to open it up.
      The whole thing just takes a split second.
      I'm surprised that I just did this without even thinking about it, but I'm happy that I managed to do so.
      I want the portal to lead to a scene where dramatic music would fit. (I'm a big fan of cinematic trailer music)

      The portal opens and I step through.
      I'm on a ship. An airship. Well, just a flying ship really.
      I'm on the deck feeling the air pushing against my skin as the ship navigates between very high buildings.
      It's not a modern or sci-fi scene though, it's very fantasy like.
      I hear dramatic music this time. Very fitting yet again. I try to identify the piece of music but I can't.
      I'm not sure if I've even heard it before.

      The dream suddenly ends.
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    4. A Wild gone very wrong... (lucid nightmare?)

      , 01-07-2011 at 03:15 AM (Hyu's Adventures)
      non dream - lucid - non lucid

      This one was very vivid... and very "wtf?"

      It's 5:30am, I really need to go to bed (I usually go to bed between 4 and 5am).
      I'm not really tired though, so I decide to listen to some binaural beats while reading a few more pages of the book I'm currently reading. ("The Day Watch")
      I listen to Infinite Bliss.
      After about 10 pages I can barely concentrate on the book anymore, so I put it aside and randomly decide to WILD.
      I know going to bed is a really bad time for it, but I just feel like it.

      It doesn't take long for some signs of SP to set in. I focus on the tinnitus sound and try to use it as an anchor.
      The sound quickly changes and I start hearing voices which turn into a female voice singing.
      I don't usually experience this so I'm quite pleased.
      The voice becomes deeper, and the overall ambiance becomes much darker. Hmm...?
      Something doesn't feel quite right. I try not to think.

      Music starts. An electric guitar, drums, metal. It's the intro for a song.
      I know the song, but I'm still trying not to think.

      "Sweet dreams are made of this
      Who am I to disagree?
      Travel the world and the seven seas
      Everybody's looking for something
      Some of them want to use you
      Some of them want to get used by you
      Some of them want to abuse you
      Some of them want to be abused"

      The song becomes more powerful at this point, and very loud.
      I can clearly feel the bass kicking into my stomach.
      This startles me, and I open my eyes.

      I'm on a big stage, with a big audience. I'm holding a guitar, my ibanez rg. I'm playing the lead guitar part.
      I can't see the audience very well. I'm blinded by the stage lights.
      I turn around to see the rest of "my band".
      I'm quite surprised to find Chewbacca (Star Wars) on bass.
      A very young girl (probably ~8) is playing the drums, and she plays am well and strong.
      She looks like a super serious catholic school girl, it doesn't fit the song whatsoever.
      I feel very weird.

      "Sweet dreams are made of this
      Who am I to disagree?
      Travel the world and the seven seas
      Everybody's looking for something"

      Nevertheless I enjoy the dream. It's a nice feeling to feel every note I play on the guitar kick me in the stomach due to the strong speakers.
      I close my eyes whilst playing this part, enjoying the overall sensation.
      As I open my eyes again, I find myself in a mall.
      How did I get here?
      The music is still playing, I'm upside down on the ceiling of the mall still playing guitar.
      I suddenly fall to the ground.

      I close my eyes again, and I'm in the middle of the city.
      It's full of people, I'm still playing guitar.
      The people all look like zombies, their flesh is wounded and they try to eat me.
      I can't stop playing. I blink my eyes again.

      I'm in a broken down house. It smells really bad, it's all brown and grey.
      There are little zombie children wearing wedding dresses. Their heads start turning around to the beat of the music.
      I'm seriously confused now, and feel very weird.
      I'm not scared, it's a dream, but I still feel somewhat uncomfortable.
      I look at my hands to see how I'm playing the song.
      I have eyes all over my arms...

      "Some of them want to use you
      Some of them want to get used by you
      Some of them want to abuse you
      Some of them want to be abused"

      The eyes explode and there are small insects flying out of them. WTF???
      I close my eyes again, try to think of a more enjoyable scene, but I can't turn the music off.
      I open them again and I'm back on stage. The stage lights flash into my eyes.
      Every time they flash I'm teleported into a different scene.
      My head starts to hurt, this is too much.
      I want to end the dream, but I don't know how, the music just makes it so very vivid.

      Knowing that this is all in my mind pisses me off, it basically feels like I'm annoying myself.
      In my anger I grab onto the very fabric of the dream, and try to rip it apart.
      Whilst I do this, I'm in the city scene again. Once I manage to rip it apart, the buildings around me collapse and
      all the DC's fall to the ground dead.

      Eat this!

      The dream fades to black, I wake up.

      The song was: Marilyn Manson - Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)
      I don't really listen to Marilyn Manson... weird, however that music video feels as messed up as the dream.
      I've seen it before, I must have remembered it in my dream.

      Continued: http://www.dreamviews.com/blogs/hyu/...c-dream-11158/

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      lucid , nightmare
    5. Accessing old dream memories and creating a portal.

      , 01-02-2011 at 07:25 PM (Hyu's Adventures)
      non dream - lucid - non lucid

      I'm at university. The classes have just ended and I'm leaving the classroom, planning on going home.
      I ponder about what to make for dinner as I walk down the hallway.
      The hallway ends at some point and you have to go right into the next hallway in order to keep going.
      As I look up I see the end of the hallway, the red wall which I see every time I leave the university, but this time, it is very different.
      There is a message written on the red wall. It's written in white paint, as if someone had painted it with their fingers onto the wall.
      It looks a bit sloppy yet elegant in some way:

      "You are one of the chosen"

      I immediately become fully lucid.
      Someone wrote me this message a few days ago in waking life. I found it mysterious at the time,
      but it appearing in my dreams must mean it had a stronger impact on me than I initially thought.
      I don't bother to RC or perform any stabilization techniques.
      I feel like there is absolutely no need to, but more importantly, I'm rather preoccupied with something else:

      I suddenly "remember" how to open a portal to other places.
      The memory came very sudden and without context. It's a memory from childhood dreams.
      I can clearly remember how to open the portal, like if I had done it 100 times, but I cannot remember one single situation where I actually did open one.
      I feel that there is an immense amount of other memories where that one came from, but I'm unable to access them.

      I consider the possibility that it could be a false memory. I've started reading WakingNomad's DJ: http://www.dreamviews.com/f107/nomad-chronicles-82576/
      Maybe that's where the idea comes from?
      No. I'm entirely convinced this is my own memory, and it is real.

      I'll create a portal!
      I start drawing a circle with my right index and middle finger in front of the red wall.
      I begin at the 6 o' clock position and move clockwise.
      I know I could do this a whole lot faster, but I want to feel and experience every single detail of it.
      I also remember that this is not the way I used to travel, I had a more effective way.
      Where do these memories come from? Are they really from childhood dreams? The memories are so real...

      As I reach the starting position again the image in front of me distorts slightly, like touching the surface of still water.
      Right now the portal is useless, I haven't created the exit point yet.
      Before I do that, I decide to verify how well I'm doing. (This is why)
      I'm nearly fully healed, my aura is quite smooth again, though I still feel like I'm lacking a lot of energy.

      I choose the first thing that comes to my mind as an exit point for the portal. It's a place in Italy, on top of a mountain, it has an amazing view.
      I give the portal a slight nudge with my right middle finger. It opens.
      It looks like it leads straight into a void. But I remember that's what portals look like.
      I feel excited to go through the portal. It feels like there are dangers associated with it, but I also feel that it is safe for me.
      I step through...

      ... I fall out of the portal and it closes behind me. Something just happened but I can't recall it.
      I look around. The portal worked, I'm exactly where I wanted to be. The view is amazing, and I really enjoy the fresh breeze of air on top of the mountain.
      I feel very good, I just achieved something big, though I don't know what it is.
      I make a mental note to investigate my childhood dream memories in the future, though I don't know how. Something is hidden in there, something important.
      I remember that I need to look for "her" as well.

      Well of course! I can just open a portal to her.
      I remember that finding her aura requires a lot of energy, I may not have enough and it feels dangerous toying with it in my current situation.
      I should wait until my energy is fully recovered.
      But... I don't actually need to find her. I suddenly realize I know where she is!
      She's on the planet where she taught me how to walk on water.
      I want to open a portal but I suddenly realize the place is too far away, I don't have enough energy, at least not right now.
      The planet is in the Andromeda galaxy... it is very far away.

      Somehow I feel like all of this is supposed to happen.
      Maybe she hasn't shown up recently because she knows I'd remember how to open a portal and find her?
      The dream slowly fades away, I make no attempt to stabilize it.
      lucid , memorable
    6. Randomness after loosing lucidity: Weird handcuffs, place from American Dad, jet going to warp speed

      , 12-20-2010 at 01:54 AM (Hyu's Adventures)
      This is after over 2 weeks of not remembering a single dream at all...

      Awake / Comment
      Non Lucid

      1. Clarity: 3/10
        Importance: 2/10

        Ö I enter an unknown house with some friends (2 I think). They need to do something and go upstairs.
        I stay in the hallway waiting for them to come back. For some reason I question that this is reality and perform the nose pinch RC.
        Iím indeed dreaming. Before I can fully grasp that I am lucid, I notice Iím soaked wet and wearing nothing but a bath towel.
        In the very same moment a man enters the hallway and is quite surprised to find me here.
        ďWho are you? And what are you doing here?Ē
        Not really sure how to make sense as to why I am standing alone in his house, wet and dressed in nothing but a towel, I tell him.
        ďYeahÖ Iím here to meet ChristianĒ, as I recall that one of the guys I entered the house with was named Christian.
        He shakes his head and is clearly annoyed, and quite confused, but leaves me alone and goes into another room.
        This sudden event throws me off quite a bit, I completely forget to stabilize the dream or set myself any goals. Due to this the dream isnít very clear, and Iím not as aware as I usually am.
        I completely forget that I am still on a quest to meet ďher" (http://www.dreamviews.com/f11/recurr...er-dcs-106461/) again.
        I decide to explore the house, but I donít really have a proper goal for this dream. I walk down the hallway, past the kitchen, where the man I met before and his wife are having a discussion.
        I wonder if theyíre talking about me. I continue down the hallway and go downstairs. I get the idea to use some form of dream control, but Iím not really sure what to do.
        I try to summon someone inside the room downstairsÖ not sure whom to summon, I settle with the idea of a cute girl about my age. Thatís pretty much all the details I use.
        As I enter the room I find a cute girl, about my age, watching TV. Iím happy that I can still do this easily, even though I barely had any lucids lately, or recalled any dreams for that matter.
        Sheís confused. I intruded into her room and she doesnít know me. She clearly wants to say something, but she canít find the right words.
        I use some more dream control, I want to make sure she doesnít scream or something like that.
        I try to charm her by projecting my energy onto her. She completely forgets Iím an intruder and embraces me. She can barely stand, maybe I overdid it?
        I didnít really account for how much energy I wanted to use, it was more like a random reflex, and I have no idea how much energy I used.
        ďKiss me!Ē she says. Well... who am I to deny this lovely lady a kiss, somehow thinking that Iím pulling a bit of a Hank Moody.
        I enjoy the kiss, but I can feel her whole body shaking, I really must have overdone it with the energy projection.
        Suddenly, my vision fades. Damnit! I forgot to stabilize the dream.

      2. Clarity: 2/10
        Importance: 2/10

        I notice I havenít moved yet after waking up. I immediately try to recreate the scene from my dream since Iím still somehow half in it.
        I can still feel some remains of the girlís body heat, but I see through the eyes of my real body, which are closedÖ
        Suddenly Iím back in the dream. It didnít really feel like a typical WILD transition, it was way too fast, still, Iím convinced it was a DEILD.
        Ö I notice the girl is gone, which is quite confusing... and there are 2 armed men in the room. Oops? This canít be good.
        The man I met earlier is there. ďYou tried to steal my most precious belonging!Ē
        What is he talking about? Ooooh, right! Iím a thief and Iím here to steal something from him, in fact, I already stole itÖ
        I lose lucidity at this point, after all the thief story made so much sense *cough*.
        I have no idea what the item is that I stole, but I strongly believe I have it in my possession, and that I was hired to steal it.
        Both of the armed men draw their guns, time to get the hell out of here. I instinctively draw my own gun and shoot a bullet just past both of them.
        This startles them quite a bit and gives me enough time to run around the next corner. They try to shoot me, but Iím a thief, obviously theyíre never going to hit me at that distance.
        I keep running down a corridor and know how to get out of the building.
        (Itís different from the house I was originally in)
        One of the men reappears in front of me; he must have found a shortcut. I need to go past him though, but I donít want to shoot him.
        I try to knock him unconscious with my gun and he falls to the ground. The other guy is getting way too close, I donít have a choice, I shoot him in the chest and he drops dead.
        Shooting the gun was hard (physically) I remember that I often experience that in non-lucid dreams, but I do not notice that I am dreaming.
        For some reason I know Iím running out of ammo, I decide to pick up the semi-automatic gun dropped by the guy I knocked unconscious.
        Unfortunately, the blow to his head wasnít strong enough, he was still awake. Before I am able to grab his gun, he puts some kind of metallic spring onto my right index finger.
        It looks like one of the springs used in pens. Itís rotating around my index finger, and with every rotation it adds another layer of spring.
        I try to stop the rotation with my middle finger, but it just starts rotating around both.
        I try to use my left hand to pull it off, but it starts rotating around both hands. Well, this is a very annoying but highly effective device.There is no way Iíll be able to remove it here.
        I start running again, and remember this place in Thailand which to a normal person seems like a place where you can get your nails colored, but itís actually a good spot to get handcuffs removed.

        (I saw an episode of American Dad before going to bed, and Roger went to exactly that place to get his handcuffs removed)
        I successfully stole the item, I just need to make a stop there and itíll be all goodÖ
        Ö Iím in a car with 2 people. Theyíre associates of the one who hired me to steal the item. Theyíre bringing me to the airport so I can leave on a plane.
        As we approach the plane I notice that itís a concord. Do they still make those? No theyíre notÖ I wonder if this is a dream?
        My thought process gets interrupted by someone shooting at our car. The driver startles and drives our car straight into the landing gear of the plane, what an idiot.
        I get out of the car. The pilot of the plane is not amused and goes to warp speed. Wtf?
        One of the guys I was in the car with says ďDid you see this, this thing accelerated this fast on only 6 out of 8 engines!Ē
        Heís right, only 6 of the thrusters were litÖ The dream fades awayÖ

    7. Surreal vision and seeing a new color.

      , 10-17-2010 at 03:48 PM (Hyu's Adventures)
      Comment - Non Lucid - Lucid

      My previous dream, which was a short lucid, faded to black and I find myself back in bed...

      Clarity: 10/10 (surreal)
      Importance: 8/10

      Damnit, another short one. I want to turn around to grab my notepad but notice I forgot to RC. I perform the nose pinch RC and it works again.
      Awesome, an FA, I can have another dream!
      I get up and touch the wall. I want to see if I can move my hand through. I can easily get my fingers in, but for my hand Iíd need a lot of force.
      Iím in my old house, looking at a wall. (I didnít notice the sudden scene change from one place to another)
      That's right, I told myself to try flying in my last dream. I havenít flown in a lucid ever since I was a child; itís about time to do that again.
      I search for a window to jump out of, but realize that itís faster to just charge through the wall.
      As I run through the wall, which only provided little resistance, I find myself floating in front of the house.
      Awesome! This feels really nice. I look at the huge apple tree in front of me; it had been there since way before I was born. (It isnít there anymore)

      I notice that my perception is somehow different. I can see the detail of the leafs even though Iím still a good 30m away from the tree,
      my eyes donít have this much resolution. Iím amazed by this surreal vision and investigate further. It becomes better every second.
      I cannot only see clearly in the centre of my field of vision, but everywhere else as well.
      I realize that everything I see is not information provided by my eyes, but information generated by my mind;
      obviously it does not need to follow the limitations of my eyes. I try to see past the spectrum of visible colors,
      because Iíve always been amazed that some animals have can see a larger spectrum and can thus see much more vivid or even different colors.
      It works very well, the contrast of my vision greatly improves and changes into what I can only describe as similar to hdr photography or hdr in 3d games,
      except itís not really down sampled to visible colors, I can actually see the much higher range of colors.
      All of the leaves of the tree are so bright, they have a neon glow surrounding them, but the brightness is not blinding me.
      The contrast between dark and bright is so high it's indescribable.

      Suddenly I perceive a completely new color. The leaves are now a color... maybe between blue and green, but it's not cyan.
      Itís the first time Iíve seen that color. Iím amazed how my mind is able to come up with a color I have never seen, this is so awesome!
      After focusing on the new color, I try to figure out a way to describe it in my DJ, but I realize I canít, there are no words for new colors.
      It feels like this is the ďrealĒ color of these leafs though, seen without the limitations of the human eye.
      Maybe I'm able to see into the UV spectrum, able to see 4 colors instead of 3, and the leaves are now a combination of green blue and ultraviolet?
      I hover past the tree and look around, where should I go? I want to go to a place far away, and I want to fly faster.
      A voice whispers ďThis should be pretty farĒ as I look into the sun. Yes, flying to the sun does indeed sound like a good idea, I wonder if I can go faster then the speed of light.
      Thanks to my surreal vision, looking directly into the sun doesnít hurt me. I can actually see the solar flares quite clearly.
      As I want to start approaching the sun, suddenly, I nearly get hit by a huge object flying byÖ Itís a whole city; it looks a bit like Atlantis from Stargate except it has a square foundation.
      What theÖ ? The dream suddenly ends.
    8. Pregnant Girlfriend - Becoming a Father

      , 10-05-2010 at 10:17 PM (Hyu's Adventures)
      Date: 04.10.2010
      Vividness: High
      Induction: WILD (WBTB)

      Real/Comment - Non Lucid - Lucid

      This is my second successful WILD. The problems I had last time persist, I get into SP very easily, but I have a very hard time moving on from there.
      I zoned in and out a lot. I often felt like I was about to enter a dream, there was a scene although it was not quite clear,
      but I had basic knowledge what it consisted of and which DCís would be there. This usually only lasted for a few seconds at most though.
      At one point my whole body started to tickle stronger and stronger by the second.

      Suddenly, my dream body was shot away at high speed, like a ball from a cannon.
      I couldn't see anything, but I could feel that I was falling ďback to earthĒ. Although I had no vision, I knew when to expect the impact,
      and I knew it wouldn't hurt. I was hoping very hard that I was finally entering my dream and that my vision would be restored, and so it was.

      After a rough landing, I found myself in the garden of an old neighbor of mine. (I used to live in that street over 10 years ago)
      The landing didnít hurt whatsoever. Since there was no doubt in my mind that I was dreaming I skipped the reality checks (I completely forgot they exist).
      I tried some stabilization techniques next. First I rubbed my hands together. The sensation was strong, but slightly different from real life.
      I started to move out of the garden, whilst touching everything I could find. I was very impressed how strong the sensation of touching things was.
      At one point I accidentally touched a bee that was sitting on a flower. It buzzed, but did not seem to care.

      I decided to go with the dream this time, and just see where it would lead me. Since I found myself in front of the house,
      I proceeded to the door and wanted to ring the bell, but some old guy already opened the door.

      At first he had no idea who I was, but that didnít prevent him from handing me a cup of champagne.
      I didnít know him either at first, but suddenly he seemed to hate me. My presence annoyed him so much that he just walked away.
      At this pointÖ for some reason, I realized I knew him for a long time, and I knew we werenít getting along.
      I drank the champagne, it tasted exactly like its real world counterpart; it was a good French one too.
      Since he left the door open, I entered the house and found a young girl just standing there.

      She was not the one I was looking for though; I was looking for her older sister: my pregnant girlfriend.
      The whole sensation was absolutely amazing. She was sitting on a couch, possibly looking at TV.
      She was immensely happy to see me, and she was very cute. Her belly clearly showed that she was pregnant, although it wasnít very big yet.
      The love I felt for the women and my future child at that moment was so strong and so impressive.
      I couldn't imagine living without this girl or my soon to be born child.
      We gave each other a long hug and decided to go for a walk outside. Unfortunately, and very suddenly...

      I felt a "click" in my body, like flicking a light switch, something had changed...
      I was back in my real body, in SP, and I could no longer move my dream body. The dream started to fade away.
      I wanted to try spinning to prolong the dream, but I couldnít since I was stuck in my real body, and I couldnít move due to SP.

      I decided to end the SP and take notes of the dream as long as I was still able to remember it clearly.
      It is only then I realized how impressive that dream really was.
      Right now, having a child would be absolutely horrible for me.
      I donít really get along with young children and I have no interest whatsoever in having a child right now.

      However, in the dream, I was clearly able to experience what it would feel like if I wanted to have a child and possibly get married, and I enjoyed it a lot.
      This is the first time I knowingly had "false memories", I couldn't imagine that they would be so strong.
      I was quite sad that the dream had ended early, but thought that Iíd be looking forward to experience other sensations and emotions that I am currently unable to have in real life.

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