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    Surreal vision and seeing a new color.

    , 10-17-2010 at 03:48 PM (1508 Views)
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    My previous dream, which was a short lucid, faded to black and I find myself back in bed...

    Clarity: 10/10 (surreal)
    Importance: 8/10

    Damnit, another short one. I want to turn around to grab my notepad but notice I forgot to RC. I perform the nose pinch RC and it works again.
    Awesome, an FA, I can have another dream!
    I get up and touch the wall. I want to see if I can move my hand through. I can easily get my fingers in, but for my hand Iíd need a lot of force.
    Iím in my old house, looking at a wall. (I didnít notice the sudden scene change from one place to another)
    That's right, I told myself to try flying in my last dream. I havenít flown in a lucid ever since I was a child; itís about time to do that again.
    I search for a window to jump out of, but realize that itís faster to just charge through the wall.
    As I run through the wall, which only provided little resistance, I find myself floating in front of the house.
    Awesome! This feels really nice. I look at the huge apple tree in front of me; it had been there since way before I was born. (It isnít there anymore)

    I notice that my perception is somehow different. I can see the detail of the leafs even though Iím still a good 30m away from the tree,
    my eyes donít have this much resolution. Iím amazed by this surreal vision and investigate further. It becomes better every second.
    I cannot only see clearly in the centre of my field of vision, but everywhere else as well.
    I realize that everything I see is not information provided by my eyes, but information generated by my mind;
    obviously it does not need to follow the limitations of my eyes. I try to see past the spectrum of visible colors,
    because Iíve always been amazed that some animals have can see a larger spectrum and can thus see much more vivid or even different colors.
    It works very well, the contrast of my vision greatly improves and changes into what I can only describe as similar to hdr photography or hdr in 3d games,
    except itís not really down sampled to visible colors, I can actually see the much higher range of colors.
    All of the leaves of the tree are so bright, they have a neon glow surrounding them, but the brightness is not blinding me.
    The contrast between dark and bright is so high it's indescribable.

    Suddenly I perceive a completely new color. The leaves are now a color... maybe between blue and green, but it's not cyan.
    Itís the first time Iíve seen that color. Iím amazed how my mind is able to come up with a color I have never seen, this is so awesome!
    After focusing on the new color, I try to figure out a way to describe it in my DJ, but I realize I canít, there are no words for new colors.
    It feels like this is the ďrealĒ color of these leafs though, seen without the limitations of the human eye.
    Maybe I'm able to see into the UV spectrum, able to see 4 colors instead of 3, and the leaves are now a combination of green blue and ultraviolet?
    I hover past the tree and look around, where should I go? I want to go to a place far away, and I want to fly faster.
    A voice whispers ďThis should be pretty farĒ as I look into the sun. Yes, flying to the sun does indeed sound like a good idea, I wonder if I can go faster then the speed of light.
    Thanks to my surreal vision, looking directly into the sun doesnít hurt me. I can actually see the solar flares quite clearly.
    As I want to start approaching the sun, suddenly, I nearly get hit by a huge object flying byÖ Itís a whole city; it looks a bit like Atlantis from Stargate except it has a square foundation.
    What theÖ ? The dream suddenly ends.

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    1. DpsBob's Avatar
      That's a really neat dream. Shit.
    2. Snowboy's Avatar
      Wow! Check out this amazing scenery! I have such good vision! Let's go to the- *city smashes into you epically*

      What a nice way to ruin such a good mood!

      That's a cool dream!
    3. Emiko's Avatar
      That was awesome!
    4. CyperAleksi's Avatar
      Very nice.
    5. Hyu's Avatar
      Wow! Check out this amazing scenery! I have such good vision! Let's go to the- *city smashes into you epically*
      Ah yes, the dangers of flying in dreams
    6. Baron Samedi's Avatar
      Wow. Dream color. Awesome.
    7. Zealot's Avatar
      You sound a bit like Icarus