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    World war 3

    , 01-27-2011 at 09:24 PM (712 Views)
    non dream - lucid - non lucid

    I’m playing golf with a famous person for some reason.
    It’s the first time I play golf, but I’m ridiculously skilled at it and win easily…

    (false memories, never seen the place nor the women)

    … I’m back “home”.
    I live with my girlfriend in a rather weird house. We cuddle on our bed a bit but suddenly remember that we forgot to get something important from the city…

    … We’re in the city now, riding on a train. The train starts braking for no reason. We look outside and see missiles falling from the sky.
    We’re scared; it appears a war has just started. Explosions start going off everywhere, one missile hits our track right in front of the train and it starts derailing.
    We quickly open our window and jump out before the train falls into the hole left by the missile.
    I look up. So this is what the end of the world looks like. The sky is red from all the explosions and fire. Missiles everywhere and fighter jets shooting each other and falling off the sky burning.
    We run into the city, trying to make it into the subway system, hoping that we may be safe there. (I've never lived close to a big city or a place with a subway)
    As we run through the city, some skyscrapers start falling over and a fighter jet crashes right in front of us. The heat of the explosion hurts and forces us to run into a building.
    We leave it on the other side, but another jet crashes straight through the street right in front of us.
    We’re both on the very edge of the hole left by the plane,starting to fall in.
    I turn myself around and push my girlfriend back up and she barely manages not to fall into the hole… but I do…

    … I wake up in some sort of futuristic hospital. There are two nurses attending to me, both wearing something that resembles a hooters outfit more than that of a nurse…

    … I’m being told it’s the year 2046. After my fall I was in stasis because they couldn’t fix me up with the current technology.
    What I witnessed was the beginning of world war 3. The newly elected president of America was a fanatic Christian and ordered all non-Christians including all Atheists to be killed all over the world.
    Now, over 30 years later, everyone is at peace and religious disputes no longer exist, the governments are transparent and censorship no longer exists.
    But we’ve paid the price, the current world population is only approaching 1 billion at the moment…

    …I’m being interviewed... they ask me about the golf game which confuses me because I don't think it's important.
    Next I am asked what my plans are now, considering that all of my knowledge is outdated, yet I haven't aged a bit. I’ll probably have to learn a new job.
    I ask the interviewer what the current situation with space exploration is, because I've seen a recruitment poster somewhere.
    He says they recently discovered ways to create FTL drives, and an exploration project will start any moment now, they’re actually searching for peoples willing to be trained for space travel.
    I tell him that I’ll try to join the program then, in hopes of becoming a pilot…

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    1. KristaNicole07's Avatar
      That dream rings true to what I see the end of the world as, with WWIII and a fanatic, radical President killing people worldwide. It makes a lot of sense.

      I really enjoy reading your dream journal, your dreams seem to carry a lot of meaning.