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    1. Last Minute Points - Winter Competition Night 14

      by , 12-18-2022 at 01:25 AM
      I was with a friend and we were touching a little bit. I figured if it was a dream, it would have gone a lot further.
      Then I thought: This can't be a dream, right? And I slowly realized that not only can it be, but it was.

      I was in my childhood home, in my grandmother's bedroom. The house is a two-generation house, with kitchens on both floors.
      I quickly wanted to score some points, so I went into the kitchen and found a piece of old bread. It was pretty nasty and dry, maybe even starting to mold. I swallowed one bite with great difficulty.
      Then I decided to complete the third task of the 3-step task (element manipulation), I considered air but chose fire. I wanted to turn on the stove to start with the existing flame, but it was old and obviously not working.
      I went downstairs to the other kitchen. My grandmother was there and she had some sort of roasting pan on the stove. I gently pushed her away, she protested, and I said I just needed to do something.
      I was going to ignite one burner, but several started burning. I tried a hand gesture to put out one of the burners. It worked, but it wasn't clear if the flame had gone out because of the movement. So I put my hand over the other burner, held it still, and gave the fire a mental command to die out. The fire disappeared without a trace.
      I wanted to try again just for fun, but I couldn't get the stove to turn back on. It suddenly acted like an electronic device with a graphic display and didn't cooperate at all.
      That gave me the idea to try using an electronic device. I asked my grandmother if I could borrow her phone. Noticing her phone on the line, I picked it up, but it was just a dumb phone. I wanted to go back upstairs and try to use my smartphone.
      But grandma had enough and stopped me. As I struggled, she grabbed me around the neck with her elbow. I bit her arm but she ignored it. Opportunity for DC mind control! I straightened up, calmed down, and said, "You're gonna release me and let me go." Grandma started to squirm, but she still held me. I said again, "You release me and let me go." Grandma let me go, curled up in a ball, and sobbed, "I hate this, I hate this."
      I ran back upstairs and found my phone. Only it wasn't my phone. I was worried it wouldn't respond to my fingerprint, but it woke up. I got the home screen, touched it, and went to the apps menu. There was a green icon in the middle that had the label tax, so I selected it because I was curious to see what it was.
      Then I woke up.
    2. Women's Institution - Winter Competition Night 12

      by , 12-13-2022 at 08:42 PM
      The non-lucid dream had a Handmaid's tale vibe, not negative though, however weird it sounds. I mention this because it affected the location of the lucid.

      I got lucid via fake DEILD. It's becoming a pattern for me - I start to review and recall a dream while still dreaming. Because I am in my thought, the location usually fades to parallel vision or disappears completely and I am not really present. And because I am already conscious, waking up is very soft. This all ad to me doing this without even noticing.

      Anyway, this night, the intention was to prioritize DEILD and V-WILD over recall.

      Being in a nice cafeteria next to a pool, I was thinking how nice it would be to be there lucid. I started to imagine more details and walking around, assuming it was just a visualization. For a moment, I was thinking how to make it lucid, touching a wall next to me and my body for stabilization. No signs of real life, so I concluded I was already lucid.

      I walked away from the pool, down an empty corridor. After a while, there were some windows and I was wondering if I was strong enough to eat something like a dry dead fly for points. I looked at the parapet and found a flower - that would be surely better than a dead fly - but I wasn't in the mood for eating that either and considered going back to the cafeteria.
      I also considered punching the window, to get points for superstrength, and then trying superspeed. But I disliked the place and decided to walk a bit more before trying something.
      Following the corridor, I suddenly heard a female voice. So I went back but the woman noticed me and went after me, trying to stop me. I passed a bathroom door on my right and entered, quickly considering peeing (I felt like I needed to, a feeling leaking in from real life) but it was a dead end, so I didn't do it and continued to try to escape from the woman. The area around me become a big dormitory. The whole location was some kind of a women's institution and I wasn't supposed to walk there freely, the woman was a guard or maybe a nurse.

      I woke up shortly afterward.

      Back to sleep and to more non-lucid dreaming.

      At the end of the next dream, I felt awake. Sitting next to an attractive guy...

      Spoiler for NSFW:
    3. Pedro, the Waterbender - Winter Competition Night 10

      by , 12-11-2022 at 08:58 PM
      The non-lucid dream ended, my final waking. At the same time, I was chewing on an oak leaf, trying to earn some last-minute points. Was it a visualization or was it still a dream? The leaf was tough and tasteless.

      I started to run. This could turn it into a dream or stabilize it. And as I was analyzing it, I was sure I couldn't feel my real body or any signs of real life leaking in - I was dreaming, running through my childhood neighborhood!

      I decided to taste another leaf, this time from a red Japanese maple. It was softer that the oak leaf but still with papery texture and only a mild earthy and woody taste, reminiscent of the smell of decaying leaves in autumn. To get some minor points in, I also did a reality check, even though the run probably already covered the points for stabilizing/RC.

      Noticing that the dream was nicely solid, I choose to move on to the three-step task.

      I raised my hands a bit, slowly turning around, looking up and talking to the skies and the whole of the dream around me: "Hey Dream. Give me a waterbending master or expert on water magic." Not many people were around and I felt unsure about this. Then I saw some people coming from the side street and one of them approached me, smiling. He had tan skin, dark hair and a round friendly face, looking Hispanic. "Are you him, the waterbending master?" I asked. He nodded and joined me. I don't think he told me his name but later in the dream, I knew his name was Pedro.

      We were walking towards my childhood home.
      "How much experience do you have?" I asked.
      "Six or seven years," Pedro answered.
      "Six or seven years to become a master bender? That's not bad." I think I expected someone with tens of years of experience but this sounded good too.
      I got worried about no water in the area but Pedro pointed towards a nearby ragged area with water puddles glistening between grassy mounds. He approached one of the puddles, squatted next to it, dipped his fingers in, and asked, shaking the water off his fingers: "Do you know, where this water comes from?"
      "Uhm, from the air?"
      "Yes." He started to talk about rain and water in a philosophical way which made me impatient. There simply wasn't enough time to learn deeply about water.
      "Can you tell me how to do this?" I asked, interrupting him. He shook his head, probably disliking my unwillingness to appreciate his approach to teaching.
      I tried to draw the water towards me but failed. So I run to the other puddle, wanting to try to create waves. After failing at that, I splashed the water to get some initial waves that I wanted to amplify. But shockingly, there was a drain and the disturbance of the water caused by me made all the water drain out. And the first puddle somehow disappeared too.

      On my right side, there were now people, sitting in rows, possibly watching something. I stepped through them, Pedro following me and watching me. One of the men there had a bottle of water and I asked him to pour a little bit into my hands. In a dream a couple of days ago, I was told that my power was to manipulate the surface tension of water. So I asked the water in my hands to stay as a round ball and I threw it into the air.
      It flew high and then dropped back down, falling on the head of some unfortunate lady. It somewhat worked, the water stayed together, but I saw it more as a fail because it was far from impressive.

      The next part of the dream was confusing. My activities attracted some unwanted DCs' attention. More specifically, they started to chase me and looked like they wanted to arrest me. I found a swimming pool that was covered with thick plastic and started to uncover it. Pedro was still with me but didn't interfere in any way.
      I was sitting on the edge of the pool. Unable to do anything with water in it, I considered jumping in, knowing that I can't drown. DCs had unusual guns and tried to shoot me with some weird projectiles but I managed to dodge. Unable to see anything to gain from jumping into the pool, I somehow retreated.
      Pedro was on his way out too and I called out to him to wait for me and together, we left the scene.

      The last part of the dream was kind of a debrief. Pedro looked differently, maybe it wasn't even him anymore. We were talking about waterbending only allowing subtle changes. But that was in real life. I said: "But in a dream, I should be able to do more with it." And he said: "In a dream? Yes, you should be able to do more in a dream."
      Then the dream ended.
    4. Land of Cats - Winter Competition Night 4

      by , 12-05-2022 at 04:33 PM

      The non-lucid part of the dream was a jumble of people interactions and I only remember a couple of scenes.

      I was standing in a queue for some kind of club or a party. There was some kind of an entry or a teleportation device, I couldn't really see what was behind it. It was letting people in only very slowly and there were no people coming out. I worried about too many people being inside already but others just assumed that there is a different exit.
      There was a boy ahead of me, who managed to cut the queue in a very smart way, no one noticed. I knew him and he winked at me and I knew he wanted to help me to get in sooner too.
      Then suddenly, something distracted other people in the queue and they run towards the distraction. Happy about the opportunity, I entered the teleportation device.
      At this point, I knew I was dreaming and I knew it was supposed to teleport me to the party, it wasn't just an entry. It was like a sack that was way too small for me but I could stretch it and pull it around myself, it was a very weird process. When I managed to fully get in/pull it over myself, so that I was in complete darkness, I started to see the new scene. Then the feeling of being squished in a sack disappeared completely and the new scene became solid around me.
      I was happy, I knew I managed to actually teleport. My lucidity was low though. I remembered the competition, I knew that teleporting was a task, and I also knew I wanted to do more to get points but I wasn't really thinking.
      The place was a forest with various beasts, mostly felines. There were tiny tigers (20cm from head to tale), somewhat disturbing. Then I saw a lion, a normal full-size lion, which was even more disturbing, but it was behind a fence. Suddenly, it run towards me and it run right through the fence. It didn't attack me immediately but I wanted to get away from it. I considered letting it eat me/attack me but couldn't think of any way how to gain points from it, so I decided to fly away instead.
      There was a path that lead to high ground, perfect for taking off. I tried to fly but struggled with it (losing altitude quickly, clothes blocking the movement of my hands). So I tried a different way - while still in the air, I turned on my back, seeing only the sky above me, completely ignoring the ground. I flew like that, very quickly, copying the shape of the steep slope of the hill. It was like sledding on a cushion of air. I knew I was just a little bit above the ground because I touched it briefly and I could also feel some small stones that got blown up by the speed of my movement.
      I landed under the hill, quite comfortably on both legs, although I still had some momentum and the world felt like spinning. Before it settled down, I woke up.