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    Land of Cats - Winter Competition Night 4

    by , 12-05-2022 at 04:33 PM (215 Views)

    The non-lucid part of the dream was a jumble of people interactions and I only remember a couple of scenes.

    I was standing in a queue for some kind of club or a party. There was some kind of an entry or a teleportation device, I couldn't really see what was behind it. It was letting people in only very slowly and there were no people coming out. I worried about too many people being inside already but others just assumed that there is a different exit.
    There was a boy ahead of me, who managed to cut the queue in a very smart way, no one noticed. I knew him and he winked at me and I knew he wanted to help me to get in sooner too.
    Then suddenly, something distracted other people in the queue and they run towards the distraction. Happy about the opportunity, I entered the teleportation device.
    At this point, I knew I was dreaming and I knew it was supposed to teleport me to the party, it wasn't just an entry. It was like a sack that was way too small for me but I could stretch it and pull it around myself, it was a very weird process. When I managed to fully get in/pull it over myself, so that I was in complete darkness, I started to see the new scene. Then the feeling of being squished in a sack disappeared completely and the new scene became solid around me.
    I was happy, I knew I managed to actually teleport. My lucidity was low though. I remembered the competition, I knew that teleporting was a task, and I also knew I wanted to do more to get points but I wasn't really thinking.
    The place was a forest with various beasts, mostly felines. There were tiny tigers (20cm from head to tale), somewhat disturbing. Then I saw a lion, a normal full-size lion, which was even more disturbing, but it was behind a fence. Suddenly, it run towards me and it run right through the fence. It didn't attack me immediately but I wanted to get away from it. I considered letting it eat me/attack me but couldn't think of any way how to gain points from it, so I decided to fly away instead.
    There was a path that lead to high ground, perfect for taking off. I tried to fly but struggled with it (losing altitude quickly, clothes blocking the movement of my hands). So I tried a different way - while still in the air, I turned on my back, seeing only the sky above me, completely ignoring the ground. I flew like that, very quickly, copying the shape of the steep slope of the hill. It was like sledding on a cushion of air. I knew I was just a little bit above the ground because I touched it briefly and I could also feel some small stones that got blown up by the speed of my movement.
    I landed under the hill, quite comfortably on both legs, although I still had some momentum and the world felt like spinning. Before it settled down, I woke up.
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