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    Evil Robot

    by , 01-18-2015 at 02:52 AM (414 Views)
    I completely forgot to post this yesterday as I was quite busy with different things. I have another dream coming after this as I had another one last night as well.


    I was lost in a dark forest in the middle of the night. I wasn't too worried about being lost as I was just looking around. The forest itself was made up completely of pine trees and the ground was really muddy where I was walking. I made my way ot of the forest when I saw the headlights of a small truck. I saw a DC standing near the truck and I asked him if he could help me get home. He shrugged at me before saying something and driving away. There was a house nearby with a light on the front porch and I saw a robot which looked like a crash test dunmy walking towards me. It told me that it would assist me to find my way home. The scene then changed to a constrcution site/quarry and I was getting really annoyed with the robot for not helping me at all. The robot was immediatley hostile and told me it would slit my stomach open . I started running and the scene changed again to my dad's study where I slammed the door shut and held it. He didn't seem to mind much and told me to hold the door shut otherwise the robot would get me, I suddenly lost my grib on the door and scrambled to get it back before the robot burst in with a knife and started slashing at my stomach. I felt the cuts but was slightly confused when they didn't hurt in the slightest. I continued to wonder about this before I woke up.

    Pretty weird one, it was creepy but didn't scare me as much as I thought it would so I'm not going to class this as a nightmare. A real change of pace to the beautiful scenes that I've had for the past few nights but that doesn't really bother me, at least I'm dreaming.

    - Have my2nd Lucid Dream.
    - Have a converstation with a DC.
    - Fly.
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    1. ~Dreamer~'s Avatar
      It's really cool that you started to question the situation!
      A great thing about lucid dreaming is that you can recognise nightmares/uncomfortable dreams and use them to your advantage when they occur.

      Quote Originally Posted by Individual
      A real change of pace to the beautiful scenes that I've had for the past few nights but that doesn't really bother me, at least I'm dreaming.
      It always makes me really happy to see you looking on the bright side, I love your positivity!
      Keep it up!
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    2. Individual's Avatar
      It's the first time I've done that in a while so maybe that's a sign that I'm getting better at spotting the more bizzare situations that my brain has gotten me into. A murderous robot isn't exactly my idea of normal and I'm proud of myself that I actually picked up on the absence of pain.

      I wholeheartedly agree with that, nightmares and such are usually way out of the ordinary even though they are really rare these days for me. In the future I hope to be more aware of these situations and in general so if anything weird does happen, I can become lucid off of that.

      I do believe that from what I've seen, tackling the whole thing in a positive way can heavily affect my results, I actually had a dry spell for a week and a half when I first started, no recall, nothing. I got annoyed the first few days and that seemed to drag it on. I got tired of it and tried to be more positive and noticed huge results, that's not long before I had my first lucid.