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    9/15/17 - 9/17/17 | Thorax, "Palace", Android Guy

    by , 09-17-2017 at 04:50 PM (183 Views)
    -1-There was a gathering and a 12-hour road trip. I don’t remember what this outdoor gathering was about. I wasn’t thrilled about spending so long in the car for that.
    -2-People were being oppressed in my old house. I looked in a bag of electronics and wires, which meant some bad suffering from those nearby was about to begin. So, I got up, led everyone past the guards outside to the street. I was going to make a speech, despite the protests made by the guards.

    Bill Dow was an android and a really cool guy. Later, he appeared in an ad. In the same scene, lots of people had to walk down flights of stairs to keep the airflow going. I think it was some kind of convention center-inspired airport. Other stuff happened that I don’t remember.

    I was good friends with Thorax. He lived in a sort of ‘palace’, though I wouldn’t call it a palace, as it was more along the lines of a calm resort with home-like features. I had my own section and so did my younger sister. While I was at my PC, Thorax walked in and said something about not being able to go out to eat on Tuesday, so he decided,
    “Let’s do seafood on Wednesday.”
    Because of this decision, I looked on Google Earth for a seafood place around the highly populated island. I didn’t find any.

    The home building had a giant portal room, so if you had a portal gun, you could play with it there. That room had a tree-like structure in the center that stretched from the ceiling to deep in the basement. The floor on the outside was covered in a few inches of standing pool water. There was another room with devices that could change your traits and abilities—being able to fly, or breathe underwater, for example. These devices were slightly elevated above the pool water flooding the room. On the east side of the room was a mostly glass wall leading to the street outside. Also, the weather was cloudy.

    Later, I was in a shop that a guy stole my stuff from, and only my stuff. That was frustrating.

    Prior to the Google Earth scene, I was on a hiking trip on a forested trail with my family, another friend, and Thorax. We eventually stopped inside a building near the end of the trail. Outside the window, I could see the sidewalk by the parking lot.
    [New Scene]
    Everything the Mythbusters had used over the previous 4 years was now on a bed.

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