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    Best WILD I have had! Formal party and harassment.

    by , 05-27-2020 at 08:03 AM (42 Views)

    I used the mantra "I am going to wake up after each dream and remember it". I woke up 05.15 with the first dream and 06.10 with the second dream. 05.15 I tried out WILD and it was the best I have ever had!

    WILD attempt 15: I wake up 06.10 and write down my dream and drink some water. I go back to bed. I lay still and focus to relax my neck and tongue mostly. I have to swallow two times because my throat is so dry. After about 20 minutes I get some insane sensations in my left part of the body. It's like super fast vibrations. After about 25 minutes I am almost not conscious and on the verge of sleep. I am suddenly in a dream but I still feel my body in the bed. I wake up after a while, maybe after some seconds maybe after a minute, but can't remember the scene I was in. I enter my normal sleeping position and go to sleep.

    I'm in a party in the left up corner of the room. I feel much older because the company I'm with are all as old as my parents. I speak with a younger lady (perhaps 20 years old) and we introduce each other. She says she is from Germany and I think I said that I was a Jew(?). We talk about bread baking and I talk about my bread(??). I get the impression that she is flirting with me. I walk down to the dinner table and my family is already there. The young lady sits two chairs away from me and she has two friends next to her. I see that her friends are pretty stupid. Suddenly my mother accuses her for flirting with me even though she has no intentions of wanting me. My mother says an advanced word that no one understands except she and the young lady that flirted with me. I understand that the word describes the situation me and the girl are in. Suddenly the girl who flirted with me becomes black and she leaves the table. I think to myself that my family is going to think that I fancy coloured girls but it doesn't bother me. I follow her to talk with her and she says that she is sorry because she flirted with me even though she didn't fancy me.

    I'm in a hospital and I walk into the only door I see. My brother is laying there but he doesn't seem to be that sick. We talk and he says he is okey. I wait out the night outside the door and in the morning we see each other again. I suddenly have no shirt and I only have a towel around my waist instead of pants. I hold my other clothes around my arm and I walk outside to change clothes. For some reason I change in the middle of the corridor. There are two heavy nurses by my little brother's door and I see them through a mirror as I change. They also look at me through the mirror. One of the nurses starts to change clothes and looks at me. She is naked and when I have changed clothes I walk away from the nurses. I see some showers and go in to wash myself. My smaller cousin is there and she talks with an older man. When I stand in the shower my cousin suddenly harasses me by hitting me and I can't stand up because it hurts so much.

    Possible recurring elements: Parties, family, hospitals, brother and chaos, showers, cousins.

    Notes: I have noticed that I dream about parties pretty often and that it is one of my dream signs. The girl I met in the party was German because yesterday I saw an educational video and the teacher spoke with a german accent. Maybe I said that I was a Jew because I think of jews when I think about Germany. I dreamt about breadbaking because yesterday I made russian pasties and my dad thought that I made the bread to them but it was premade bread. I have dreamt about my brother and chaos some nights now. I want to help him fix his life more. I have also dreamt about showers lately. I often dream about my cousins.

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