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    DJ of lucid goals and how it goes

    How many FA can you have in one night??? (Good practice though!)

    by , 05-18-2020 at 07:33 AM (265 Views)

    Yesterday I told myself that I would have something big to tell my DJ today, and I knew that I would succeed and therefore I succeeded. I set an alarm 03:40 for WILD. I drink water and meditate for about eight minutes. I go back to sleep, laying in the corpse position. After about 30 minutes almost my whole body is gone, I can't feel it. I get a big vibration wave sideways that I have never experienced before and I think that this is the first time I will succeed with a WILD. I try to remain calm and not get excited, it works. After laying still in one hour I can't take it anymore. I look on my clock and it's 04:51. I do a RC just for good measure and go to my normal sleeping position. It takes a while but I fall asleep.

    I'm laying on an open toilet, balancing with my quilt, doing a WILD. I feel my hands gripping a bikehandle and I'm happy because this is the first time I succeed with a WILD. I'm not entirely in the dream but after I while I see the road I'm riding on. It's next to the road by Stumholmen. I can't remain in the dream and I come back to laying on the open toilet. I wonder how the toilet can be so big. I'm actually laying on a toilet I think. My legs drop into the toilet water and I quickly raise them again. I wake up and realize that I WILDed in a dream into another dream and am pretty fascinated.

    I'm in my bed and I'm pinching my nose, trying to breathe. I can breathe, then I raise from the bed. Haha, I outsmarted my brain's FA! I read about tips on what you can do in a dream about telekinesis and try it out. I lift the music stand in my room and it's moving exactly according to my will. I jump out of my window and fly to the left. I scream for a person I want to meet with but no one is seen. I go into a taxi and tell him to drive to this person. He asks where she lives and I tell him that he knows. After a long time we are there. I'm thinking that I wasted worth-while time going 5 minutes in a taxi and have to learn more time efficient methods. I ask the driver how much it costs but he doesn't know. I'm not sure I have any money but search in my pocket. I find many bills and just give him a 200 kronor bill (about 20 dollars). He doesn't know how much he is going to pay me back so I tell him to keep the change. I fly up to the persons balcony and we interact. I feel the dream fade. I'm in my bed and do my normal RC. Wow it was just another FA I think to myself, cool. I fly to the same person without the taxi because now I knew where I was going. My flying is not good and I'm having struggle with all the tall trees I'm flying into. I constantly have to run on the ground to get some power to lift from the ground. There is a big sculpture and a giant man is walking against me. I fly up to the sculpture in order to escape the giant but I'm too slow and get caught. I wake up and do a RC and realize it's a dream! I think it's funny how I have had three FA in a dream and go into the building next to me instead. There are some mirrors and I decide I want to test the teleportation through mirror skill. I try to enter the mirror but it won't let me pass. I look on my fingers and they are all distorted. First they are really small and fat. When I look on my fingers through the mirror there are several fingers growing into my fingers. I think about what the forum has said about this and I'm comforted. I look into the mirror again and notice that it's acting wrongly. It's like the mirror in front of me had the view of a mirror that would have been above me. I also notice how my reflection is not properly following my movements. I try to enter it again but fail. I wake up but I already kind of know it's a dream. I hear some Naruto music and my brother enters my room. I have a hard time trying to open my eyes. I rub my hands together for stabilization and I'm forcing my eyes open with my fingers. I walk to the window and I'm screaming for some persons and they appear outside my house to the right. I fly to them. We interact and I wake up, knowing that it's IRL. I do a RC anyhow just because I want it as a habit.

    Possible recurring elements: Toilets, escaping

    Notes: Now I have learned to always do RC when I wake up haha. What is wrong with my WILD, I don't know... Just have to practice more. I didn't meditate at the begining of the LD which is my current goal. I have to think more about it in order to remember it. I think I could fix my flying just by practicing a whole night. I have succeeded in flying to the coulds really fast in a LD a year ago. It would be cool to fix the mirror teleportation. It's hard to analyzie a LD I think. I think I was laying on the toilet in the dream because I thought about how the rats may pinch my butt when I sat on the toilet yesterday. There are so many things that I have made up in the dream. This is by far the longest LD I have ever had!
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