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    Watching series with my cousin

    by , 05-17-2020 at 07:37 AM (240 Views)

    I'm about to fall asleep and I see a very detailed picture for just a fragment of time. It was an open risifrutti with a spoon in it. I couldn't have made that picture up myself I think. I think that I might succed in seeing some more pictures or HI since I haven't had any memorable experiences yet. There are waves of white coming sideway over my closed eyes after some time and my left arm is getting some big sensations, alsmost like itches all over my arm but more dull, but nothing spectacular.

    I'm with my little cousin David. We are hanging out and watching a serie. I'm not sure but I think I was in the action of an episode we were watching for some time. I know that it was a really long dream and I'm frustrated I can't remember more.

    Possible recurring elements: My cousins, TV

    Notes: I only slept three hours three nights ago so I had to stabilize my sleep scheme and havn't written since. I'm starting small with this little dream but tomorrow I will have much more to write! I also read Sageous WILD Session 1: Mental Prep Part A and did some reverse RC yesterday. I noticed that I always moved my tounge when I repeated my mantra a week ago and thought that it might disturb my WILD because you are supposed to relax your whole body. I have trained to think without moving my tounge since and I'm really getting better. I tried seing the text instead of moving my tounge but it's really hard. Is it just me having troubles with my tounge?
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