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    DJ of lucid goals and how it goes

    Painting abstract. Flying.

    by , 11-19-2020 at 09:42 AM (108 Views)
    Notes: I've been doing more RCs in the past days which has led to more lucids.

    I'm at Håkansson's and I'm talking with Therese in a room I've never been at before. My cousins are also there. We walk up to the room where David sleeps and I have painted an abstract picture of two faces. It's hard to see one face at first. When you find the first face you can see the next face upside down under the first face. It's all done with lead pencils and it creates a monotonic plain surface. The eyes on the first face are like the windows on a submarine. Therese accuses me of having done evil things to my mom and I know that I have done them and I feel guilty.

    Notes: When I woke up I remembered that I never did the things I got accused of doing.

    I'm home with Eni and dad. I notice it's a dream. I fly by the house for some time and I have good control. I fly to the left of the outer door and see a window. It is half open and I open it up and peak my head inside. I scream hello and wonder if I maybe am rude. A young mans voice says hi. I walk in and wake up.

    Notes: It was a long time since I had two lucids over two days. Let's keep it this way!
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