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    Why do I have a slug in my mouth?

    by , 05-23-2020 at 08:58 AM (182 Views)

    I had some sort of allergic reaction right before I went to bed and my throat started to become sore and I got all these itchy rashes. I think that made me sleep longer because I was so tired even tough my alarm woke me up after 9 hours of sleep. I slept one hour more and bounced out and in of many dreams. Including one of those experiences when you just feel like you fall when you wake up.

    I'm in some kind of big shower with many more people. I usually bother being naked in front of other people but I wasn't thinking about it in this dream. I'm not even sure I was naked now when I think about it. Suddenly there are two sea slugs on the floor. They are brownish and they made themselves ball like. I decide to wipe them into one place and after I have done so I notice that there are many other kinds of sea slugs too. They are in different colors, shapes and sizes. I have wiped them into a pile. I suddenly notice I have a small sea slug in my mouth and I spit it out into the pile. The people next to me have some kind of reaction.

    My dad has some kind of syringe and is about to teach us how anesthetic agents work in our kitchen. The syringe is not actually a syringe. It's a long very small, pointy tube inserted in a big glass tank. He inserts the syringe in his arm and some of the liquid from the tank goes into his arm. There is an instrument that shows you when you have gotten the right amount of liquid. He then moves on to the second phase and changes syringe. He then does the same process as before. It is our turn now and I decide to do the first step. I already have a tube inserted into my arm. It's difficult because the liquid from the tank is hard to adjust and I'm not sure if I'm taking blood from my arm or if I'm inserting the anesthetic into my arm. It hurts and after I'm done I decide not to do the second phase. Mostly because I am afraid of stinging myself with the syringe.

    I'm in a big arena and it's someones birthday. I have a friend next to me and much is happening. This was the dream with most action but I don't remember it.

    These are some of the dreams I bounced in and out from the last hour of sleep. I also had a lot of dream fragments I don't remember anymore. Mostly walking in my room.

    I'm outside and playing some activities outside with some people. There are two teams and I'm with the team that has ribbons. The activity leader tells the ribbon team to go to the other side and the other team to stay where we were. I am standing next to a tree pole.

    I'm climbing down my bed and I get incredible speed as I fall.

    Possible recurring elements: Showers, home, syringe, arenas.

    Notes: I dreamt about the slug because I saw the Harry Potter scene when Ron pukes big snails three days ago. I have no idéa why I dreamt about the syringe. Maybe because I had a reaction before I went to bed. I sometimes have dreams about arenas. It's one of my dream signs.

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