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    Why won't my DC talk to me?

    by , 05-22-2020 at 07:54 AM (34 Views)

    I'm not sure when I got lucid but I take one part in a time. Maybe in the wrong order. I think it was several dreams.

    I'm being hunted and I hide in a house with a lot of guitars in it. I look out of the window and the persons I am trying to escape stand there. I know it's a dream but I'm not really 100% lucid. I try to fly out of the window but I'm having troubles. I fly super fast up in the sky but I'm trying to fly forward. The dream fades as the ground gets smaller and smaller

    I try to teleport through a mirror but the mirror is too small and I don't even fit. I look for more larger mirrors but don't find any. The mirrors' reflections of me is slightly off and don't follow my exact movements.

    I'm flying outside my house. I want to get better at flying and stop moving my arms as if I am swimming when I fly. It didn't go so well. I'm next to my door and I see my friend Gabriel walk by the trees against Stumholmen. I have read about people who talk with their DCs in order to talk with their subconscious. I run as fast as I can towards him and asks him why he is in my dream. He ignores me with a smile. It almost feels as if he teases me. I walk to another part and see my older sister. I ask her why she is in my dream, almost jumping her. She doesn't respond either but I don't remember her reaction.

    I'm trying to leap of the ground in order to fly but fail. I just land with my front on the ground.

    Possible recurring elements: Old schoolmates, being hunted.

    Notes: I played a lot of guitar yesterday, that's why I dreamt about guitars. I'm going to make a new lucid goal and try to play on the guitar in a dream and see how it feels. Is it really possible for the dream to make fingermovements accuratly when it can't even make my fingers without misshaping them? This night was so weird. I was lucid but I don't remember the dreams so well. It feels as if every time I have had lucid dreams in the past I remember everything about them when I wake up. This night I woke up and didn't remember I had been lucid at first. If I hadn't laid still and tried to remember my dreams I would have never remembered my lucidity and it wouldn't be counted as a LD. I need to stabilize the dreams more. I read about people who wrote that you have to tell yourself in the dream that your body is in your bed and that this dream body you have can do anything because this isn't reality. I want to test that out too.

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