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    Zombies. Island conqueror. Witch

    by , 02-18-2021 at 09:18 AM (161 Views)
    I've dreamt about zombies hunting me the two last nights. I got eaten alive once which always hurts. A dark coulor theme in the city with survivors following me. I have a gun and shoot a zombie that is about to eat my shoulder from behind but my gun turns into a toy gun and doesn't have any effect.

    I'm on an island with some people. My family is there and we are about to explore. A man says that he claims this part of the island and that we have to go away. I feel bad because he is the boss and I can't oppose him.

    I'm hunted by a witch in my house but know it's a dream suddenly. I think about hugging her but then I think about how she could hurt me and I loose my confidence. I fly out but it's not that pleasant since I was hunted.
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