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    Boss Fight to Moon Cleansing

    by , 06-23-2017 at 10:49 AM (160 Views)

    So I've been playing a lot of Final Fantasy XV lately, I had just finished it two days ago in fact. I say this because I'm 99% sure that it had a MAJOR impact on the dream I had. So lemme just tell you about it.


    The whole perspective was in third person, akin to XV. I and my party were in a large indoor altar, there were dirty marble pillars and complex wall patterns everywhere I looked. We were fighting a sort of corrupted female spirit (Possibly to cleanse her, or to just get her out of our way).

    After the battle (Which was basically just a complete copy of what you's see in Final Fantasy XV), this female spirit was cleansed. She shone a light blue (Like another character in that game(Spoilers!)), and apologized greatly for what she had done. Me, being the complete softy I am, told her to rest easy, and gave her a hug.

    This act of kindness and cleansing brought back the world from darkness. A black moon (Which possibly represented just how much darkness had corrupted the world), was turned into a reflective, almost disco ball-like moon. The sun started to rise, and all is well. Then the dream ended.

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