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    The journey of JussiKala

    The flood + Norwegian lesson

    by , 07-23-2011 at 02:24 PM (521 Views)
    Dreams were just blurry fragments. Typing as much as I remember
    The flood.

    So I was at my grandparents house. They had just ordered some new exercising gadgets such as a treadmill and such. The delivery men just left them on the yard there. We went and tried out that every one of them was functional. Then went in to eat for a while. But when came back to see the outside, there was a 3m high flood there. I went there swimming to retrieve all the gadgets. Came back with a couple of them at a time. Retrieved them all in the end. I think this might've done something


    Norwegian lesson.

    So I just started a new course, norwegian. So here I was in class and the teacher told us all to get our netbooks up. Everybody else got it easy but mine bugged. The guy gave us a few minutes to achieve a certain goal with this one program. I had difficulties because I couldn't get mine working, but I eventually managed to do it within the last couple of minutes there. I talked to a couple of the other students, who had apparentl ybeen raised to speak swedish, and could speak swedish, finnish, and english. I wondered that they must have it easy with this all because the two languages are very similar. They told me it's still difficult.

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