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    10th of June -> 11th of June

    by , 06-11-2014 at 08:39 AM (565 Views)
    Preparation: The normal
    Products: Applejuice and a multivitamin pill (which had 4 mg of b6)
    Number of dreams: 3
    Sleep: 11.30 PM to: 08.40 AM.

    Dream:1 Lucidity:0
    Vividness: 7
    Recall: 4
    I start out on a shore, and walk around for a bit. I seem to have a sword (some kind of rapier). Eventually i see 2 of my friends riding on some type of strange fish down the river. I jump on. We eventually jump off when we hit a bridge, and cant go any further. Some girls are sitting under the bridge, I challenge 1 of them to a swordfight, if i win, she raises the bridge. This is all i can remember. But i know there was more to this dream.

    Dream 2 Lucidity:0
    Vividness: 8
    The earliest thing i can remember is me sitting on a crowded bus, one of the girls jump of the bus in speed, but the rest continue on. It seems we drove past our point on the bus, so me and a few friends want to get back up. We take an insanely hard way though. It is almost impossible to climb, with steep hills and long drops. We get to a very steep part, which has few parts go grab onto. But there is a car trying to get down. The road isn't big enough for both of us.
    My friends are about half way up, but i am lagging behind, as i got the hardest route. When they both get up the small, steep hill, Trym (one of the DC'S) tries to help me up. It is not enough, the stronger friend i have, tries to help me up, and he succedes. However he is cocky, and boasts of his ability to lift me into the air, we end up danglig at the end, and we both fall of.

    I cant remember if i woke up here, but i know the dream continues. My friend died, it seems, but i lived. And the mood has changed, i am half grieving for him and half pissed. For some reason i walk into some rich family's yard, and see a large amount of people playing and having fun. If i walk a bit further into the yard, a group of people are chatting. They bring up my climb, and asks me how it went. I say it didn't go very well, because Vetle died. I go out the mansion using a different door, but now some annoying kids are following me. They ask me questions as i slam the exit door and leave the mansion, only to see a beautiful city. I think there were 3 kids.

    Dream 3: Lucidity:8
    Vividness: 8
    Insanely short dream. I realize i'm dreaming somehow in the middle of my schoolyard. I see a few people i think, but i focus on the fact that i am lucid, really lucid. I first try to make a DC appear ahead of me, doesn't work. So i try to summon a teddybear behind me, and it works! I think i get pretty excited here since i wake up.

    Extra: In the second dream, the hill and place in general seems VERY familiar, so much i almost know i've dreamt something about it before. The city is inspired by Fredrikstad, the hill in dream 2 by engevika, and schoolyard in dream 3 by my school.

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