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    1. Makeshift Spa

      by , 09-25-2015 at 08:07 AM
      I directed the bodypainter girl toward the Art class, letting her know I was already late and she could go without me,actually wanting to be alone. This was after speaking to Nestor about comig past California and Yosemite, and him wanting to know how much i would be saving a month, to which I replied 6k.

      The organisers where young etnical guys and didnt seemed to care much how we created the pool.
      I even over-exaggeratted the proccess and told him that i was to do some damage, which he non-chalantly ignored.

      I took the big bag of bentonite clay and threw it into the middle of the makeshift square pool along with boiling water.
      It filled quicky and Mel, Justin and other friends where soon immeresed and muddy, feeling the benifits,
    2. Stealing for the laid Back Boss

      by , 09-25-2015 at 07:58 AM
      I had somehow gotten away with stealing from work without my laidback boss knowing.
      My girlfriend was also in on the plot and we planned to cash in on the affair at a later stage when things simmered down.
      The prize was around 75k, and in order to procure the money I had to do some crazy things, namely:

      - Jump off a high building with a parachute
      -Betray a few co-workers that chased me down in the urban work setting
      -Fly away from my problems using a plastic bag technique,putting them over my feet.
      -D0 some solid espionage and hide the fact that I was the thief from co-workers and my boss.

      The only problem was that in order to cash in I would have to leave and they would find a certain book behind(almost like a black bible) that would give me away. I toyed with the idea and eventually decide against it, and the money woud be void.

      I the process of this decision a few memorable scenes where:
      -Making my way over mountains to Silicon valley using my pump action leg flying skills
      -Surfing and watching near perfect a frame with only one blue bottle in the water, and seeing it double up.
      -Running away from civilization and getting stuck in 'the jelly cliff faces " that hung unbelievably on the side of the mountian
    3. The Elderly Indian Servant

      by , 09-01-2014 at 12:33 PM
      I find myself in a location where I usually vacation with family and friends called the Widerness.
      My Father and I walk back to the communal house I which we have rented.He shows me his Gold Credit card which seems to be in bad condition.Wax and dirt coat the plastic.
      I tell my Dad not to leave the credit card in the communal house in fear that the domestic worker, and elderly Indian man might capitalize and steal it.
      "Don't worry, I can sense he's a good chap" my Dad replies.
      I'm surprised by my Dads positivety.

      We enter the long grey room in the house and find the Indian man washing dishes and making tea in the far corner.
      He offers us the bright yellow tea in mugs and we accept.
      My Dad blatantly tells him its horrible tasting and returns the mug.
      I feel sorry for the man, and embarrassed at my Dads words although i soon reflected and realize he was being honest..the tea did have a foul taste.
      The Indian man leaves seemingly nonreactive to the statement looking fresher than when he arrived.
      My Dad and i then begin to clean the dbris and wax off of his credit card.
    4. Surfing in the City(Pt 2)

      by , 08-29-2014 at 01:21 PM
      I arrive at home after the wave pool incident to find my cousin, Blake, levitating while in full lotus meditation in the entrance of my room.
      I try not to disturb him and tip-toe to the lounge. On the centre wooden table i see a collage made with all of my pictures from when i used to live in Portugal.
      "What a lovely surprise present"i think to myself..

      Blake soon enters the lounge and we begin to watch some intense big wave surf footage of Kelly Slater,who films using a go pro strapped to his board so you are able to see from his perspective as he is tube riding.

      It's almost as if i am right there with the surfers,hovering over them from a 3rd person helicopter perspective.
      "Kelly Slater is an amazing athlete,the sporting world completely underrates him.he's the Tiger Woods of surfing!"

      As the worlds leave my mouth I float in this "3rd person perspective over a exotic string of islands in a turquoise blue ocean.
      On the islands i see an immaculate golf course.
    5. Dysfunctional Roller-coaster Festivities in Goa

      by , 08-28-2014 at 11:35 AM
      Wednesday,27 August 2014

      Moon Cycle: 3% illuminated waxing Cresent in Virgo

      Tarot of the day: 8 of swords

      Mayan calender: Red Lunar Dragon


      I stand in the very front of the dance floor where the stage is lit up red and indigo at a big festival in Goa,India.
      My good Indian friend,Shai, happened to be DJing. He played some deep fractal psychedelic trance.
      Another friend, Samantha, encouraged me to try to hula hoop. I prefer Poi but think "what the heck" and give it a go.
      I managed to do a couple of moves without looking completely retarded.

      My cellphone starts vibrating and ringing in my pocket. It's Penelope from South Portugal.
      I scurry into a quiet corner shop away from the chaos, examining the weird latex party masks and translucent glowing gum boots while answering the phone and speaking to her.
      "I'm in Goa!I wanna meet up with you!",She exclaims.
      "Sure I'm available right now,come to this party I'm at",I reply.
      "Umm actually i forgot, I can't right now because the forum post didn't get enough hits, but your cousin is somewhere close by so maybe you can meet with her instead.",she hungs up.

      Confused by the odd phone call ,I simply shrug it off.

      Soon after I get a message from my Ex-girlfriend asking if I posted something on her Facebook wall.
      "Not that I remember",I text in return.
      I go check her profile directly after my reply and notice she has new photos with her bf plastered all over her wall from the "crocodile dundee" camping trip the just went on, next to the same river where I attended the Rainbow Gathering.
      I could feel a slight spark,a tinge of jealousy ignite in my chest.

      When I walked out of the party store the dream scene had changed slightly. A large yellow roller coaster stood at the forefront of my vision.
      All my friends where jumping on and signaled for me to do the same as it would set off soon.
      I sprinted to the very back seat and made it just in time.
      As the roller coaster jolted into motion I began putting the seatbelt on, and to my dismay mine didn't clip into place. It was broken!
      We began to lurch forward up the steep incline to where a sheer drop lay.I shouted for it to stop but the ride continued slowly upward to the summit.
      I figured my best bet would be to hold on for dear life.

      Luckily,the ride was fairly tame,and from what i can remember i managed to not fall out of the seat.
    6. Amazonial Dream Fragments

      by , 08-28-2014 at 11:28 AM
      I looked at various sites on the internet for plane tickets to South America while lying on a double bed. Next to me a loud, plump quintessential Spanish woman with black hair,a corset top and black knickers on knelt beside me. I could sense a male presence in the room. She started ranting in Spanish,something about "poquito".
      I returned the banter with a couple Portuguese phrases like "tash Fish,Ta bong,toet beng".
      I watched as the computer visualization on the screen was flying (or was I??) over the Earth and started moving through the depths of the Amazon jungle.
      I observed entranced.

      (Scene change)
      I sat in a toilet cubicle with Brandon,and old friend,while he showed me the new cellphone designs.
      He then takes a medium sized onion out of his pocket and proceeds to cut it in half with a sharp knife.
      According to him this was the new telephonic device of choice.
    7. Lucid in the Purple Hospital (Failed task of the Month)

      by , 08-23-2014 at 11:47 AM
      Friday ,22nd August 2014

      Moon Cycle: 10% illuminated Waning cresent moving from Cancer to Leo (27) Days Old

      Tarot Card of the Day: 6 of Wands

      Mayan Calender: Yellow Planetary Wind

      Right nostril more open upon awakening(Masculine,logical,analytical left brain)


      I find myself in a long,wide,sterile and empty corridor.
      I somehow instinctively know that its a hospital, after passing a parallel corridor that is more populated with people that appear to be patients.
      The walls are purple and the windows are encased in a grey concrete frame.e i
      Standing in the empty corridor i become lucid. I figure i must have just completed a habitual reality check,as nothing seemed seemed to extra-ordinary for me to come to this realization otherwise.

      The usual rush of butterflies and excitement floods my system and i managed to hold on as the initial incline lucidity high passes.
      I look at my hands and rub them to stabilize the lucidity,shouting out "I am aware" to anchor.

      Having no DC's around to test the task of the month on (asking them to tell you a word in another language and its meaning),I begin to run to the more populated corridor that I was in before my lucidity struck.

      Suddenly I seel that everything is fading. I get a strange sensation that my astral body is being pried and pulled out of my dream body.

      I decide to surrender to the peculiar phenomenon, thinking I may get another task if a False Awakening occurs.
      I experience some vertigo/ washing machine effect and boom...I end up in my bed.

      I figured that I may have lost lucidity in the surrender as i didn't bother to RC,and had no recollection thereafter.
    8. Infiltrating the OZORA festival.

      by , 08-15-2014 at 08:23 PM
      Saturday,11th of May 2014
      Time: 23:45- 08:50


      Did i fly all the way to Budapest to experience only half of the festival?
      Surely not.
      Even though i felt mildly content exchanging saliva and erotic palpations with a rather cute red headed Danish vixen outside the venue, whom i had met moments before, my adventutous side needed to be quenched.
      I came all this way so i could sneak through the security gates and have the time of my life!

      Besides, I was now the centre of attention with every man and woman in the queue looking at me and our sensual escapades. How was I to be invisible and hop the fence?

      With no money,I opted for the civilized option. I would have to sweet talk the muscle bound,square chinned bouncer.
      It was dark out, but i managed to vaguely make out the two sides of the party... split into an massive amphitheater with accompanying viewing area through the red drapes that hung from high metal scaffolding.

      I grabbed my black backpack, which turned some heads and roused some suspicion,and started walking toward the entrance.After explaining to the bouncer that my brother needed his medication and I had his special prescription in my bag he reluctantly slapped an orange plastic wristband around my left arm.

      All fades to black.