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    Dream - Clothes Designed As I Please

    by , 05-17-2019 at 02:55 PM (36 Views)
    Date of Dream: WED 24 APR - 2019

    Dream No. 583 - Clothes Designed As I Please

    I donít remember what happened at the start of this dream. From where I do remember, it seemed to be in my mumís car but it was actually 18-Volt who was driving me to Chadstone shopping centre; he was in his Warioware Gold appearance. In the dream, I assumed that he came from America and so was worried that he didnít know where to go when we entered the premises of the shopping centre parking. 18-Volt didnít seem to listen to me though and rather, he kept driving for the back of the shopping centre.

    Upon driving around the back, there was this massive undercover car park that doesnít exist in real life. I was amazed that 18-Volt actually knew about this and I didnít. As he drove in, he tried to find a parking spot but this wasnít as easy. Every spot he went in ended up turning into a ďdisabledĒ or other conditional slot. There was this woman who was walking through the car park, I was now outside the car and speaking to her while prompting 18-Volt to pick another spot.

    He was then walking into the shops with me but thatís when the strange events started to occur. I said to myself, I wish the dream hadnít split us up this way, I wish it had made it so 18-Volt and I were still together so we could talk to each other, insinuating that the dream had now isolated us. Indeed when I got to the escalators, I didnít notice 18-Volt around anymore and rather I was completely by myself. As I approached one the escalators, I noticed that it was in really bad condition and the pedestrian belt had actually burnt off at the top and was in complete ruins.

    Still, I somehow miraculously ended up on the second floor and I found myself to be in yet another area of Chadstone that doesnít exist in real life. As I walked further, I saw another area and I finally felt a sense of familiarity and relief and this was the same as the real life shopping centre. I forgot what exactly it was but I had thoughts about the unfamiliar area and especially the fact that a medical centre was put there.

    I then decided to make my way to MYER to look at some clothes and see what I could get. I ended up looking in the Dangerfield section but oddly, there was nothing that I liked. I found out that I could ask the dream, instructing it to create the specific pieces of clothing that I wanted. I didnít end specifying sizes though and so the dream would give me odd sizes like size 11 or size 13. A bit later on, my mum joined me in the shops.

    I came to this rack and saw this design on a Dangerfield bomber jacket that I really likes but I wanted it as a cardigan instead. I gave the dream intricate details on how to make a cardigan with a similar design but also this time, giving a specific request for size 12. When the final product was completed and lauched down to me out of nowhere, I was amazed and put the cardigan on straight away in a fitting room, then bragging about the design to my mum.

    When I came out, there was a lady from the Review department that was complaining that they had made a loss with some of their stock. Using the new design powers I had, I requested that the dress was made which they didnít have enough of. In the last scene of the dream, one of my friends from university, S(M)Wa, was looking for a dress and so I designed something for her. It ended up being a Review style light grey dress, with a blue and orange pattern on it. Thatís all I can remember about this dream.

    Dream No. 583

    Dream Guide: 18-Volt
    Lucid?: No

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