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    Dream - Clothes For School & Social Distance Golf & The Hawks Against The Bulls

    by , 06-25-2020 at 07:27 AM (28 Views)
    Date of Dream: TUE 31 MAR - 2020

    Dream No. 651 - Separated Sections

    Dream 651 A - Clothes For School

    I donít remember much about this dream. From where I do remember, I was in a distorted version of my house which was darker and there was also this foggy mist around the place, making it feel somewhat mysterious. My mum had picked out this outfit for me to wear, but she said it wasnít something I should wear out as it looked messy. The main item of the outfit was a stripy jumper top which had some sort of weird patch that you could unbutton and it would show your stomach. The other parts of the outfit were a plum red skirt and a pair of green boots. The colours of the jumper were orange, aqua, green and white.

    I ended up going to have a sleep in this outfit, but as I was lying down, I wondered why I couldnít wear the outfit out as the colours worked really well together. When I got up though and walked back into the kitchen, my mum was there and she said that I was supposed to wear that outfit at school, not around the house. I looked frazzled when she said that and I told her she said otherwise beforehand, but she never admitted it. I canít remember anything else about this dream.

    Dream 651 B - Social Distance Golf

    The dream started off in my house and it was the same foggy environment that it was in the last dream. As I was talking to my mum about something, my brother was sitting on the nearby couch and I could hear my dad berating him. As my dad was being really loud and I thought he was being mean to my brother, I had to turn around and tell him to stop. My mum then said that we need to go out and do something after being in quarantine for so long but I reminded everyone that we couldnít because we didnít want to risk catching the coronavirus. My mum suggested we play golf and I ended up reluctantly agreeing.

    The scene shifted to sunny and clear skies and we all ended up on a nature reserve. Surrounding the grass oval was a gravel track with golf ball holes scattered around the place all reasonable distances apart from each other. We all assigned ourselves to a golf hole but along the way, another family member swung the golf ball early and got a hole-in-one in what was supposed to be my hole. Because this happened, that meant that everyone had to start at their original hole but I had to go forward by one, which meant that Iíd be further away from them.

    I felt like I was really on my own, but in a good way. I looked up into the sky and for some reason, I ended up calling out for Dreamy EBo and inviting him to come and play golf with me. Summoning him wasnít difficult and he ended up entering the scene from the surrounding bushes. He came in with no cap, so I could see his brown curly hair with a receding hairline, he was wearing thick black-framed glasses, a black t-shirt, and plain denim jeans. He stood at one of the holes, waiting for me to meet him and when I got to him, he hugged me for a few seconds.

    What confused me is what he did next; he just walked off with no indication that he was going to do so. However, I realised that he was leading me somewhere, he was expecting me to go after him, so I followed the trail that his energy had left. I noticed that he stopped before a wooden walkway down to some beach. He said to me that he thought it would be a better place to play golf but now it was dangerous, so not to go down there. I went a little bit further and looked over, realising that the beach was submerged under this weirdly coloured water. What happened next was concerning.

    The water actually started to rise and would not stop despite me moving further and further back. Itís like the water was adamant on getting me, as if this water was possessed by something and now I was giving little squeals as I backed closer to Dreamy EBo. There was another problem though, and that was that Dreamy EBo seemed to lose his current glasses and they were replaced with his old thin ones. When that happened, I felt this surge of cold, stiff energy rush past me and then into him, turning him into plainly EBo.

    Despite the loss of his dream guide traits and his return to professionalism, he still felt obliged to help me. The water got my foot and I screamed but thatís when he turned his back to me and calmly put his hands out behind him. I rushed as quickly as I could to grab them as he then started walking back towards the reserve. I finally felt a sense of security again as he seemed to bend his arms to shorten the length and so I was almost pressed up against his back. Before we could reach the reserve, the dream ended.

    Dream 651 C - The Hawks Against The Bulls

    I donít remember how the dream started. From where I do remember, I was at some unknown shopping centre which looked like a combination of Chadstone and the grounds of Singapore Airport lower floor. For the time being, the shopping centre was packed with people like blueberries but then I realised something. The fact that social distancing wasnít being maintained, I was highly at risk of getting the coronavirus and a feeling of extreme panic and anxiety surged through me.

    As soon as I realised this though, people started to disappear just like magic. There were now barely any people in the shopping centre and it was rather dark and deserted, feeling scary in another way but I was relieved in the sense that I now wouldnít get coronavirus. I walked through the rest of the shopping centre, going in a zig-zag motion from one side of the corridors to another and almost walking into poles at some points as I tried to find an exit.

    I walk outside the sliding doors to some kind of small outdoor sports complex. There was a little walkway that had a similar feel to the edges of the reserve where they held my high school athletics carnivals in real life. I noticed there were Hawthorn Football Club fans sitting along the tiers, though they were mostly girls. I then looked further up and saw a familiar man standing at the end of the walkway with a red Ď24í Chicago Bulls jersey on. I finally remembered I was looking for him, once again in this dream, it was Dreamy EBo.

    The tiers on the walkway were extremely skinny and so it felt like I was walking on a tightrope, especially dodging the girls that were sitting down, but they were all giving me friendly smiles and encouraging me to make it to the end. When I was near the end, the dream scene moved to where I was standing at the back of the main area along with some newly discovered Bulls fans. I thought I wasnít dressed the part but when I looked at myself, I realised I was wearing a white dress with a red cardigan over the top, feeling relieved that I would be seen to be on Dreamy EBoís side despite not having any official Bulls gear.

    To get into the team spirit, I ended up singing something although I have forgotten what the words were. I continued singing as I walked up to Dreamy EBo and when I got to him, he actually started to repeat what I had sung but in his own way, his face and energy suggesting he found it Ďcuteí. Once he finished singing, he pulled me closer to him and hugged me but only quickly as he tried to attend to all of his Ďfansí.

    After this, I went back across the tiers to where I had entered from; but the shopping centre was replaced with more stadium walkways, as if it were a part of a school. I walked up to what seemed to be the La Trobe University canteen to get some food. I decided to get two giant lollies, taking them first and then I asked the Asian man what the price was. He told me all up it was $13.00 AUD and I was bewildered. When I looked up at the price menu, thatís when I realised that each individual lolly was $6.50 AUD. I said to the man that I wanted to give them back. However, I seemed to walk off and sneak them into my mouth. I canít remember anything else about this dream.

    Dream 651 A
    Dream Guide: None
    Lucid?: No

    Dream 651 B
    Dream Guide: Dreamy EBo
    Lucid?: No

    Dream 651 C
    Dream Guide: Dreamy EBo
    Lucid?: No

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