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    Dream - Lost In The School Yard & Santa Balloon Airbus

    by , 04-24-2021 at 12:56 PM (32 Views)
    Date of Dream: WED 30 SEP - 2020

    Dream No. 753 - Separated Sections

    Dream 753 A - Lost In The School Yard

    I donít remember much about this dream. From where I do remember, I was at a distorted version of my primary school. Iíve forgotten whether it was for class or for something else, but I was supposed to find my way to a specific building. After ascending a part of the distorted school yard that was very hilly, I still couldnít find the building and declared that I was lost. So I ended up calling for Riku to help me find the building.

    He didnít appear at first, but rather I could hear Rikuís voice. He was telling me to meet him at the chapel (Iíve forgotten itís name) and he would take me from there. When I finally arrived in-front of the chapel, Riku didnít appear. Instead, I began to perceive his energy, which itself began trailing down a certain path, and so I decided to follow his energy trail. I canít remember anything else about this dream.

    Dream 753 B - Santa Balloon Airbus

    I canít remember how the dream started. From where I can remember, my grandmaís friend was living close to us, but not at the same house that she lives in, in real life. In the distorted house, her grandson was also living with her and he was sorting through the household mail. They weirdly discovered that any mail for me was also being sent to their house instead of Ďmy houseí, so I was supposed to be living with then in that case, even though I wasnít.

    My grandmaís friend told my grandma that she wanted to meet up with me and her at the local pub. The dream went to the next scene, which was my mum driving us along Wellington Road; my mum and grandma in the front and me in the back. We couldnít find the pub though, so I stuck my head out through the window and asked for Riku to help us get to the pub. For a good long while, there were no results, but I had no intentions on giving up and kept yelling for him through the window. As my mum drove us further and further down Wellington Road, we would get more and more lost.

    Eventually, the terrain of the road became weird, as if there were potholes everywhere and other things to make our drive rough. We were approaching a major bridge though, and there were all these Rikus, one in every single possible game appearance, sitting in a lined-up fashion on the top of the bridge. None of them looked pleased, and we ended up driving under the Riku that mostly resembled his in-game KH3 form.

    We were then continuing on our own but the drive wasnít getting betterÖ In-fact it was getting worse. There was now a massive hole, like an endless pit of death, forming one side of the road, and we only had a narrow space of fragile tiles to drive on. I was so scared we were going to fall off that I was screaming for my life, but also not giving up, screaming for Riku to do something. Eventually, I yelled ďRiku! Help your dreamer!Ē, thinking he may have forgotten who I was to him.

    After countless, non-stop bellows of ďRiku!Ē, he came floating in from the distance, over the bushes. Yes, he was floating in a round, inflated Santa suit, giving him the body of Violet Beauregard, with his tiny head sticking out from the furry collar of the shirt. Soon, we found ourselves (still in the car) attached to Riku by a rope that he was holding. Backtracking his route, he flew the car over the bushes and towards the hotel. He asked me Ďis this where you wanted to go?í, I said yes and thatís when he slowly lowered us into the car park After that, he detached himself from the car, leaving the rope behind with it, and floated off, and thatís when the dream ended.

    Dream 753 A
    Dream Guide: Riku
    Lucid?: No

    Dream 753 B
    Dream Guide: Riku
    Lucid?: No

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