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    Dream - She's Back & Bouncing Around Dad & Kaizo CB & Showing Off Stunts

    by , 06-23-2021 at 02:13 PM (17 Views)
    Date of Dream: FRI 30 OCT - 2020

    Dream No. 768 - Separated Sections

    Dream 768 A - She's Back

    I don’t remember much about this dream. From what I can remember, all the guardians of light from KH (except Riku) were scattered, floating above a scene of the Keyblade Graveyard. They were all there as they realised I had ‘come back’. They all said something, however I can’t recall what everybody said. I think one of them said that they’d (collectively) better tell Riku. Some of the characters I do remember speaking were Lea, and then Terra and Aqua. That’s all I can remember about this dream.

    Dream 768 B - Bouncing Around Dad

    I don’t remember much about this dream. From where I do remember, I was in the front driveway of my house, when the dream was playing a sub-scene about my dad yelling at me earlier. He was driving some sort of unknown car and as I was doing something in the backseat, I don’t remember what exactly, he scolded me. The dream then went back to the actual scene in my driveway, and my dad was still picking on me from before. However, this time, I knew straight away that Riku was the one to call.

    As I called out for Riku to come, he did so very quickly. In his KH3 appearance, halfway between physical human and hologram, he scooped me up into his arms and held me against him as he bounced around and over my dad to stop my dad from getting me. After Riku bouncing me around for a while, I can’t remember anything else about this dream.

    Dream 768 C - Kaizo Crash Bandicoot

    This dream took place once again, starting off in my area. There was mention of this boy from my primary school, JSe, but he had a weird role that I can’t describe… The memory of his position is blurry. I have also forgotten what the first scenes were exactly. Though a bit later on in the dream, I was constantly riding a bike around a small area of my court; JSe was there, but once again, I have forgotten our association, still with his weird character role.

    I can, however, remember the last scenes of the dream a lot better. I was myself but then I also seemed to be a first-person replica of Coco from the Crash Bandicoot series. I was jumping around on roofs of various 2 or 3 storey apartments at day time, in this unknown area. The layout of boxes started out very normal. Though it became fascinating when there were TNTs in the mix, and the actually started counting down with the sound effect when I jumped on them.

    Later on in the scene though, the layout of boxes started to become more ridiculous; there were more of them and they were stacked closer to each other. Eventually, there was no gap in-between any of the boxes and they were an entire group of those ‘metal’ boxes, however, in the dream, they did break when I spun them. My brother appeared and said that we had gotten 40,135 boxes and that we had to get 40,136. However, he was quick to change his sentence, as he said in a shocked manner that more boxes were now spawning back at the start of the level.

    Dream 768 D - Showing Off Stunts

    This dream wasn’t very long; also, I wasn’t in this dream, rather I was a spectator. Riku was the star of the dream and he was communicating to me, who in this case was the dream camera. Riku (KH3) seemed very excited to ‘have me back’ as he said he wanted to show me some cool new moves he could do with his keyblade.

    The scene was in the Keyblade Graveyard as it showed Riku flying around, fighting his fellow guardians of light with what was evidently cool new keyblade stunts… With him flipping everywhere. Eventually, there became KH graphics health bars at the bottom right corner of the screen, but not just one or two or three… Rather ten to twelve of them. Some were the guardians Riku was fighting. Others were miscellaneous characters like Isa and even Master Yen Sid. And then there was Riku’s health icon, with his one uniquely smiling, showing his teeth! After minutes of Riku showing off, the dream ended.

    Dream 768 A
    Dream Guide: None
    Lucid?: No

    Dream 768 B
    Dream Guide: Riku
    Lucid?: No

    Dream 768 C
    Dream Guide: None
    Lucid?: No

    Dream 768 D
    Dream Guide: Riku
    Lucid?: No

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