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    From Astral to Lucid Dreaming experience

    by , 08-22-2015 at 02:37 PM (323 Views)
    well i was preparing myself for OBE, and suddenly i did trick my body to fall asleep and i think i woke up in my room and couldnt easily move etc but somehow i managed to ask for Guideness from the (good) spirits etc and i said loud that any bad spirits should dissapear and i am controling this then i thought to jump of my body to real astral project like i wanted to see my self and then experience, i did but i forgot to check on my self lol, i think it was kind of mixed with lucid dreaming cus to be honest i directly went to jump from my window and i had the lucidity feeling that i ahd before and i flied randomly, but i fall few times and got my mind back to bed and/sleep paralysis but i went back to the dream like continue where i last, sadly i just forgot to check my self to be sure i am astral or LD, but i think it was lucid mostly cus it wasnt also thaat vivid i know how vivid are my lucid dreams so i think i continued with lucidty doing fun around explore random places near my place etc when suddenly i went to a kiosk shop (mini shop where u buy tobacco etc) and i bought few things and somehow i got a boner lol i told the owner ill be back in a min and i went outside and some lady saw my boner and kind of started playing it and .... i wake up lol =D

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