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    Keitorin's Dream Log

    3 fragments

    by , 04-18-2016 at 06:11 PM (429 Views)
    Fell asleep: 11:03 P.M.
    Woke up: 8:05 A.M.

    8 hours 39 minutes sleep
    last night 7 hours 2 minutes restful sleep
    1 hours 36 minutes restless sleep

    81 % restful sleep

    Fragment 1:

    I'm in a house. Dogs keep coming up to me, they seem really friendly and cute, but then? Then they start snapping out at me by jumping and shoving at me, and worst of all, taking big chomps out of my limbs! I'm terrified, but the others in the house don't seem to be taking it seriously, they just say the dogs have some emotional issues. The other dogs are outside or something, but there's one left in the house that's also cute and friendly looking, but I'm just waaaiting to get chomped on again. ;A; There was more to this but it was a really early dream and I didn't log details before going back to sleep. I'm not good at describing things but the dogs were on the small side and lean, brown/gold colored.

    Fragment 2:

    I'm sitting by my grandma F. (dead IWL). I remember picking up a notebook/diary and turning to a page written in 1992. Grandma wants me to read it. I'm having a hard time seeing what's written on the page though because of the darkness, so I try using the backlight on my activity watch, but it doesn't help much, just enough to see a small, faded paragraph written at the time in pencil.

    I come across a page made in 1988. It has words cut out from magazines, and I realize it's our names. I remember seeing dad's name. Either I knew or someone told me that I made that page. But after a moment I'm like 'wait a minute I was born that year how the heck would baby me make this'.

    I remember going through a tall stack of magazines. One was 'Pokemon'.

    Some people are talking in the background and one (mom?) asks grandma if she wants a taco. I'm thinking about the heartburn when she says yes. She says something about how she'll need cough(?) syrup, and I replied that I was just about to say something about the heartburn she'll have.

    Fragment 3:

    This is a bit jumbled, but... An audience, including me, is watching two black singers on stage. It's kind of dark, but someone just beside the stage to the left notices someone else has snuck up there. As we watch, they become part of the performance, dancing in the middle. They seemed to have thick, stringy hair and a round face.

    Back to me watching, I see that instead of a man, a tiger is dancing and singing with them. At the end, he transforms back into a tall, thin man in his late twenties maybe with brown/blond hair. The crowd boos, and I think it might be because it's a white man singing songs typical of black men.

    I think I knew what song they were singing on the tiger part but I forgot.

    Wakeup times:
    1:30 A.M. for 25 minutes
    3:50 A.M. for 1 minute
    4:20 A.M. for a couple minutes
    6:40 for a minute

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