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    1. Vacations Can Be Murder

      by , 11-02-2014 at 02:50 AM (Keitorin's Dream Log)
      ‘I’m’ on a ship that’s sailing through a body of water. It passes the same piece of log with ropes tied on it three times, and there was some story about sunken ship(s). As it gets to third one, one of three(?) girls mentions it worriedly. Another says something like ‘it’s just a legend’.

      There’s a view of a boat ahead paddling past the log, and the left paddle almost hits a piece of wood sticking out from the log.

      The ship is parked next to something like a sandbar in the water. The mood feels like a vacation, everyone’s preparing to relax and have fun. The girl who was worried before gets off the ship and goes onto the strip of sand stuff and feels safer there for some reason.

      There’s a little girl playing on the circle at the end of the sandbar and a ‘ritzy’ couple sitting off to side with their small dog.

      Scene changes to inside the ship. A couple is trying to have sex but their child keeps interrupting. The man tells her to go do something and not come back until she reaches ‘zero’.

      The couple canoodling scene changes into one of a NC-17 rated horror scene, a mix between the Halloween movies, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit and Criminal Minds shows. I unfortunately remember parts of it and I woke up feeling sick and had a hard time getting back to sleep. So I’d rather not have to type it up. @[email protected]

      The girl’s voice sounds, saying ‘here there are’ and such. She brings a worker/cook (she’s wearing a uniform and apron) with her, who starts screaming when she sees the scene of carnage – and the killer who’s causing it. The killer reminds me of Jason and Michael. Think he was even wearing a mask, but he had near shoulder length kinky red-ish hair.

      The girl is screaming too. They run. The girl had short, mousy brown hair and was about ten or eleven years old. The worker was middle-age or younger with her light-colored hair put up.

      Tags: murder, disturbing, children, water, ships, dogs
    2. Spit and shampoo

      by , 03-24-2013 at 04:53 AM (Keitorin's Dream Log)
      I was in some house and had picked up a cute kitten, but it spit up all over me.


      I'm going into a bathroom to shower it off of me. It got all over my clothes. But mom wants to take a shower too.

      It's a big shower with brown tiles. But I'm alone then, and getting really frustrated as I look for the shampoo but can't find it. I get out of the shower (my hair is soaked) and start going through a bunch of stuff on the sink. I find two short, slim bottles of what is apparently shampoo and conditioner.

      Just as I find a bottle of Pert, though I'm unsure if it's the same kind I use, some people come in, completely ignoring me as one of them throws a couple of mattresses right in the space where the shower is.

      Note: I remember being half-awake and kicking my legs out in my frustration!