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    Keitorin's Dream Log

    Two fragments

    by , 04-17-2016 at 06:59 PM (461 Views)
    Fell asleep: 1:55 A.M. (with 25mg trazodone)
    Woke up: 8:10 A.M.

    6 hours 14 minutes sleep last night
    5 hours 10 minutes restful sleep
    1 hours 4 minutes restless sleep

    83 % restful sleep

    Fragment 1:

    Apparently my Uncle J made a surprise visit, and he transported his pool water with him and put it in a ditch. We went there to see him. The water was turquoise blue. I got upset because K, J's daughter, was there too, and no one had told me. This would be the third time my sister had surprised me with her and put me in a vulnerable position.


    I was in the water and trying to swim around, but it was just way too shallow and uneven for it.

    Note: While my sister did hurt me twice IWL, one time involved school friend A and the other another school friend (L) and her dad. K had nothing to do with it, but my dad was talking to J & K via Skype yesterday.

    Fragment 2:

    Cole (Pillywiggin on here) showed me about 7 sheets of paper. They were all from penpals he was writing to. I was surprised and like "why didn't you tell me? :O". They all had fanart drawn on them, some had a little text, some had a lot, but they were all in Japanese.

    -Detective Conan. Doodles of Conan mainly I think. There was a lot of text on it and I was worried Cole wouldn't be able to read it all. Some part of me asked why Cole would have this, because he isn't into DC like me.
    -Undertale. I remember a small Toriel doodle.
    -Sailor Moon. The page was mostly filled with a colored illustration of Sailor Moon.
    Aaand that's all the ones I remember. :'<

    Cole said that the art he'd sent back was all from the Homestuck game he'd been making but had never finished.

    I was really curious about doing it too, but I wasn't that great at art like Cole so I was worried what I'd put in my letters.

    Wakeup times:
    7:25 A.M. for 20 minutes

    General notes:

    I find it so interesting when I question things in the dream idly. I can see where it could lead to becoming lucid if more awareness was in the picture. It's kind of amusing to be going along in the dream and be like 'but x doesn't make sense' and such and still just...keep going. Either because you make up an excuse or because you shrug it off. *smh*

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