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    #5 - Lucid Forest - 27/04/2020

    by , 04-27-2020 at 11:53 PM (465 Views)
    First lucid in many years,and the main reason I'm back on Dream Views. Nothing majorly interesting but the thrill of being lucid is what counted for me.


    The dream starts with me sneaking around a house-like building, with men on guard wandering around on duty. Anything before is hazy, but I spent a while recalling back to this point. I can vaguely remember a fragment that took place in a Halo: Reach-like area, perhaps linked to this current scene. I was crawling on a higher ground, spying through a small gap between the wall and roof, watching an armed man walk up and down. I was with someone, but I don't remember exactly who, most likely my step brother. I also barely remember some kind of animal/pet. We were spotted as we escaped the building. This section is hazy, but not long after I arrived near my home, where I did some DIY for my Grandmother, and passed through the forest next to my house to do some DIY for an old neighbour who moved nearby.

    I headed back to the entrance of the forest and found myself with my step brother, who had a Bannerlord-esque army formation outside my house, opposing a similar army. I went into the forest and decided to try and test if my slow-walk chase nightmares are legit of if it's just the ground's fault. I slipped up and ran very slowly as expected, and concluded it was not the dream's fault but rather the ground I try to run on. Back at the forest entrance again, my step brother suggests we light the army of soldiers on fire - to which I disagreed and insulted him in a similar way to a previous dream - a sure dream element to keep an eye on. I head back down the forest path I had just walked, but after a few steps
    I become instantly lucid out of nowhere.

    I never expected to get lucid so soon after returning - in just five nights after 4+ years. This feeling was very intense and vivid, my first thought was to focus on stabilising. I performed my main reality check and was pretty worried about losing lucidity, so I kept trying to remind myself. This, however, didn't get me very far, as I was distracted by my urge to change my surroundings. I took a few steps, and felt very sluggish and slow - almost like the previous attempts at recreating the nightmare slow-running. After failing to change my surroundings, I managed to create this very strong red tint across the trees of the forest, which shook the Earth as it rapidly grew in intensity. It vanished instantly after I lost focus on it. I ventured, at a normal pace, further into the forest, where I had a semi-lucid sexual urge for some reason. Instead, however, my brain decided to give me a dozen wooden-skinned, blank faced mannequins wearing skirts. I ran my hands across one's arm, intrigued by the surrealism and my lucidity faded rapidly.

    I head back, yet again, to the forest entrance where I have a hazy conversation with a bald man until the dream seemingly ends.

    Well, this one was really eventful considering how early I am into my return to lucid dreaming. My recall is better than it's been in years and most of the knowledge I learned during my times here in 2012 has stayed with me. Hopefully my next lucid dream will be longer and easier for me to control, and the rest of what I know deep down will return.

    Possible recurring elements:
    -Anger, bottled up feelings
    -Local neighbourhood

    -Second dream I have had a negative interaction with my step brother based on bottled up feelings. Present in Dream #2
    -Yet another local area, should be easy to form reality check habits this way. This local area is the forest opposite my house

    Lucidity notes:
    -Everyone vanished upon attaining lucidity, happens almost every time for me
    -Control mostly failed, need to improve
    -Stability needs improving greatly
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    1. Lang's Avatar
      Welcome back! I'm glad to see people coming and going lucid!
    2. Komisoft's Avatar
      Welcome back! I'm glad to see people coming and going lucid!
      Thank you, good to be back. It's crazy how far a journal can take you, and this is just proof for me