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    #6 - Thief and Escape - 28/04/2020

    by , 04-28-2020 at 07:37 PM (265 Views)

    The dream starts with me sneaking around a set of Skyrim-themed stairs, of which I go up and into a building, also vaguely Skyrim themed. I avoid various guards and I go inside a separate room, where an old, dying man rests in his chair. I steal something from the drawers and alert the cards, then escape the room and outside the building where the stairs are. A guard at the staircase attacks me, I run back inside and hide, where I meet two friendly people - a man and a woman. The woman resembled Delphine from Skyrim. They help me fight the guards around the room I stole from, and we kill a guard firing arrows from atop a wall. Soon after, a large group of maybe a dozen or so varying types of people, presumably the main enemy force of this building, march around the corner from behind the wall with the archer, and I run away as the two friendly people stay and fight. There is a brown-skinned girl among the enemy group who I seem to have some kind of romantic connection to.

    I make my way far out of the area and into a forest with a path cutting through. There are fields behind fences on each side of the forest, with trees and bushes between the path and fences. I sneak through the bushes as the large group of enemies march through in search of me. Nearby, I see two dog-like creatures, which run past me and join forces with the enemy group. I continue sneaking in the bushes, following the enemies, when suddenly the brown-skinned girl from before jumps through the bushes to scare me. I jump back but immediately find myself extremely happy to see her, she kisses me and leaves.

    Not long after, the view changes into what appears to be an RTS game, similar to Age of Empires II. My troops are fighting a much larger army and losing, my forces wipe a group out but are then swarmed by a massive purple blob and I lose. I end the dream trying and failing to upgrade my samurai.

    Possible recurring elements:
    -Local forest

    -Skyrim has been a foundation for many of my dreams over the past few years. The sneaking aspect is from my very recent thief/sneak playthrough of Skyrim, and has been present in a couple over the last couple of weeks, most notably in my lucid from last night (Dream #5)
    -I might play another Skyrim sneak build soon to help form a reality check habit. Should be very easy considering how common and accessible this element is
    -The forest is very similar to a forest nearby to my house, but not the same as in Dream #5.
    -My recall is improving very rapidly after coming back to my dream journal format, which is apparent in the length of the text I type. I am almost clearing entire pages in my notebook

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