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    Toilet Ninja and Other Fragments. June 4th 2012.

    by , 06-05-2012 at 12:53 PM (482 Views)

    Quite an odd dream I would say. But atleast I recalled a couple of dreams. I also recalled a couple of fragments, which is awesome .

    I started off in a toilet with my friends from school. We were just walking around the room and decided to put our stuff down in a corner. I put loads of random junk down, like a black coat and some other things. One of my friends then said that I should go into the female toilet to spy on someone. I was nervous at first but then thought that I should just do it. I went in and saw that there was a lot of things to hide behind and the coat holder thing caught my attention. I sat down behind it and waited for someone to come in. I then got bored of waiting so I walked out only to see a fat girl about to go in. Thank god I didn't spy. I walked over to the pile of stuff we put there, then the dream ended.

    Dream Fragments.

    The first fragment was me taking stuff out of a box and giving them to my step dad. I pulled out 2 little guitars and my step dad said they were ugly.

    The second was at a field at night. I was walking through and saw a fire, so I ran over to put it out, but it turns out it was a campfire that my friends set up.

    The final fragment was pretty long. I was walking home with a guy from school and he noticed some bullies. He somehow got into an argument with them and he then told me to walk by myself. But I waited for him to finish and that's all I can remember.

    Thanks for reading . I have noticed more school signs. School is such a strong dream sign!

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