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    Dragon Lair and Rhewin's Death

    by , 05-10-2017 at 10:33 AM (876 Views)
    A bad guy forces me to lead him to treasure. We make our way to an underground cavern. It's dark and there is a large pile of rubble or something. The bad guy looks around and I focus a set of silver wings, clothes and stuff. These are Rhewin's stuff. I'm sure of it. I feel sad and wonder what ended his life. There's another set of wings and clothes nearby that belong to another member from the same forum, but I can't recall anymore whose those were.

    Half of the cavern is dark and there's a deep pit. I realize that this is a dragon's lair. The exits are suddenly blocked and temperature starts to climb. I back into a corner and the bad guy realizes he's trapped. "You trying to kill me?" he asks. The heat starts to melt stone, the ground crumbles and reveals more lava. The heat starts to sting...a lot, but I'm very heat resistant and strongly believe I can outlast the bad guy. I focus on staying out of the lava as long as I can. The bad guy is struggling, but still alive. My skin is turning red and it hurts a lot. "It's ok. I'm resistant to heat. It's just pain. Fight through it." I tell myself. The bad guy collapses and I see the shape of a massive dragon in the dark part of the cavern.

    Interesting dream. Feeling pain is never fun, but I felt pretty badass outlasting the bad guy.
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    Tags: dragon, lair, lava


    1. DawnEye11's Avatar
      Cool dream. What game do you play that inspired it?
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    2. Letaali's Avatar
      I haven't really played anything in 2 months due to injuring my left hand and in this dream I didn't feel like I was in a game. Usually, if my dream has game inspiration, it's so obvious that I'm aware of it and use things like spells, quick travel etc. to my advantage. I have no idea what inspired this.
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    3. DawnEye11's Avatar
      Oh wow. Sorry about your hand but its cool that you are still able to have dreams like this without being influenced by games. Dragons are especially rare in my dreams unless something inspires it.