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    Changing COD Name & Saving Someone via Non-Sequential Tasks

    by , 12-01-2015 at 06:55 PM (589 Views)
    Changing COD Username Never Felt So Hard (DILD)


    Iím trying to change my username in a Call of Duty-esque related game, but as Iím doing this, I hear the bantering from two females that seem to have intentions of me not changing my username. I eventually do it, but it was just too annoying.

    Then, when I tried to get on a server, I think I had to step into a portal to get into a game, but when I did so, and went around it, someone immediately killed me. It was an Asian male, and he was wearing a gray shirt with dark jeans. He had long hair that stretched all the way to his neck, and was probably in his early 30s.

    I was irritated, and left the game.


    Trying to Save Someone through Non-Sequential Tasks (DILD)


    Iím trying to save someone, but I donít know who in particular, and some sprite-animated anime girl with white hair, faded violet long trench coat, red shirt, and white tank top informs me that if I followed her instructions very clearly, I could save them.

    It starts out, or my recall of it starts out with her instructing me, as if sheís talking to me via mind voice, of having to save certain images in certain formats that donít really resonate to their respective formats. The one that I remembered the most out of the rest was her telling me to save a picture of Tsunade from the Naruto Shippuden series smiling in an .android format.

    I was easily able to find an image, but it was most of her face being cut off, and it was in black and white.

    I tried saving it the easy way of erasing the extension of the picture/gif, but wasnít able to, for some reason. So, thereís this program that comes out of nowhere, the software-converter-ex-machina, which comes with all the formats I needed. I navigated through the software for a little bit, and it has some bland color of a dirtied-up vanilla, and the arrows to scroll down had this old Windows style to it.

    I eventually saved it as an .android, and the moment I did this, some black rectangle with green words were portrayed transiently. The girl professed to me that the next thing I had to do was play same sprite-based, adventure game on the same computer/laptop Iím on. She gives me a vague concept of the plot of the game, or at least the deterrent set up that would make it somewhat tedious.

    There were these female entities where if your character had their back facing them, they would subsequently slash behind your back, and it would be quite graphic a full of gore. I tried the first time to see if that would actually be the case, which it did. When I started navigating through the game, things became blurry for a bit, and I received some kind of message of ways I can figure out where I can find the person Iím trying to save. Within the message, I had two attachments of .xls documents, or Excel related documents. If I could figure out how to assess the instructions, the same black rectangle would show up on-screen with some green text, and a green checkmark with a rotating circle behind it confirming I solved it.

    I believe the Tsunade picture was part of the objective, now that I think about it. Iím on my way to figure out the second .xls document, but I canít recall what happens next.

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