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    DV Members IRL, OpheliaBlue, Redhead Female on Laptop, Nina, Father & Test, Rain & Building...

    by , 02-22-2012 at 03:36 PM (852 Views)
    DV Members IRL, OpheliaBlue, Redhead Female on Laptop, Nina, Father, Rain & Building (Non-lucid)


    I forgot what time I woke up, but it was probably around 3-4 AM. I tried to do a WBTB, and I basically was trying to induce a WILD, but I thought I was failing because I just stayed still trying to create a dream environment. But I started to have a lot of dreams after I dozed off, but no lucids.

    Dream 1:
    Dream Views Members All Meet in Real Life

    I'm not too sure on this dream, but I see several people that look that they would be members of DV in real life. Maybe Kaomea and Alyzarin were there, but there were so many of them in a line for me to check. We were all at some barren grassland, and we were looking at something.

    Dream 2: Meeting Opheliablue?

    I was sitting down somewhere, and I think Opheliablue is sitting to the right of me. I have my Zune HD with me apparently, and she takes the Zune to see what's in it (oh god, don't look at the videos!). I asked her if she knew how to use, and I think before I gave her or had my Zune taken for her to use, I was moving my thumb in a circle around the Zune HD, and I could feel some kind of surface that caught the grip of my thumb for a little while.


    It felt kind of grainy in the middle when I circled it for a while.
    She already knows how to use the Zune, and she was looking at a video and then put the Zune to rest somewhere while she was listening to it.

    I just chill sitting next to her, and I'm hoping she doesn't see the other videos :x

    Dream 3: Seeing Redhead female on laptop

    Not to sure on the rest of the details of this dream, but I'm in some kind of secret base or laboratory or something. It's like being inside of a spaceship even, like Metroid Prime type of spaceship interior design.

    I see this redhead female in a gray skin tight latex suit. She looked familiar to me, I thought she was a DV member similar to Dead, but it was more of me glancing at her for a few seconds, and her face was turned to the side looking at some laptop.


    She was doing some weird poses on the chair and looking at the computer. I think she even has a black gun in her hand, it looked like it had a silencer attached as well, but I'm not sure, I just know she was holding something since her hands were formed weird like they were holding something.

    Dream 4: Nina & Spammers in IRC chat

    I log on to IRC, Nina says hi to me, I respond back, but there's so many bloody spammers on the IRC for her to scroll up and see who pinged her. They're posting so much random crap and some of them do some weird syncing with pictures with words on them.

    I couldn't interpret what they said, but they were just going crazy with the spamming. I think one user linked a DV thread where some user went on some server
    (probably the fake one during the time this entry was written) and changed their name to Nipples.

    I was surprised Nina didn't kick the spammers, but oh well.

    Dream 5: Walking with Father and Random Stuff

    I'm walking with my father at night, and there's a white microwave half buried in grass, and he turns around to see if it's good enough, but he doesn't actually go to it. I keep moving forward with him. Then I think the dream shifts to where I'm in a car with him.


    He said something about how we had to take some test, but I didn't take it too seriously, I just said something about that I already know what to do for this test. I think it was just memorizing the Constitution and probably the Bill of Rights
    (which is funny since I have a Political Science Exam this Friday).

    Dream 6: Walking in the Rain and Going into a Building

    It's raining, and the dream is vivid, and I think I'm in College Station, (which is probably why I probably didn't feel like RCing since I am in College Station right now) and I'm walking down the street, probably near the hill going up to Northgate. I meet at an intersection, wait for a lady in a car to pass.

    She looks at me for a while, probably to signal that I can go ahead and walk, but I just stand there and she just makes that awkward "Oh" face and drives off. I think it was a silver or white car she was driving. Then I cross the small street, and then turn left.

    I go into some building and see two DCs. I can't remember what they wore or their visages, I just go up the stairs with them. I think one DC asked the one who was going up first what he's in the building for, and I think he said something about College Architecture or Structure.

    I think he trips on stairs, and I think the DC asking him laughs a little bit, but I didn't pay too much attention to that.
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    1. Alyzarin's Avatar
      So many DV dreams! I like the third one, I always wanted one of those futuristic latex suits. Or like, the outfits from the new Tron movie.... It'd be so cool to have on of those!
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    2. The Sandman's Avatar
      I know what you mean when you say that you may not have done an RC in College Station if you are used to being there. The same would hold true for all the DV members, but being with all of them outside? Then again, I've done an RC and counted 11 fingers and said, "Yep, that's strange!"...didn't begin to dawn on me.

      Someone needs to figure out how to wake us up.
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