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    Gunpoint, Scammed, and Building my Way Up for Revenge

    by , 04-11-2014 at 04:30 AM (638 Views)
    Gunpoint, Scammed, and Building my Way Up for Revenge (DILD)


    Things start out at an open-field environment that seems to mix around the usual large park setting, and a skateboarding park as well. Iím near an individual that looks like heís African-American, and is wearing a black shirt along with either white shorts, or regular jeans.

    He slowly turns around, and shows a gun, and now Iím at gunpoint. I try not to react to quickly, slowly trying to make the conversation casual, and less likely for the dream character to try and do something rash. He keeps pestering me with threats, and seems to be only using the gun as a means to make his words known without anyone questioning them.

    This prompts me to slowly walk backwards while feigning as if Iím afraid, and the moment I found a way to run, and have him have a difficult time if he were to shoot me, I took the opportunity immediately. I didnít hear gunshots, though something about this interaction makes me have feelings as if I want to encounter this individual again, mostly due to something they did to another individual.

    Iím not too sure which individual they caused harm, or even death to, but feelings of revenge started piling up, and feeling a sense of incompetence of not being able to save the individual because I was left empty handed to try and protect myself. The transitioning in the dream is a bit shaky, mostly due to me not really taking the time to recall it in detail the moment I woke up from it.

    The dream shifts to where I somehow land inside a large maroon van, which feels kind of awkward since I was in the process of trying to reflect what happened before I escaped from gunpoint. Thereís two females I believe that I have a conversation with, and I donít know what was stated, but I believe I finally recollected what occurred before, and shared my story with them.

    They seemed to have been sympathetic for me, and offered me some money to get by, which either implies they knew I would probably want to get back at the other individual, or whatever was stated in my story, the individual that was harmed by the enemy, in this case, probably was of essential help. Whatever the case, I thank them, and had intentions of going to a weapon store, since I felt the individual Iím after couldnít have gone far.

    But with the logic of dreams, sometimes when you feel so close to something, or someone, youíre literally thousands of miles away, or implied to be in a completely different circumstance, which kind of throws plot development out of the window. For some reason, when I tried to get to a weapons store, I felt as if I was scammed by someone, maybe the same women I talked to, when they stated the money was either fake, or something like that.

    Seeing how thereís too much going on, I decided to use whatever money I had in my wallet, and invest in going to a hotel to see how I would assess the circumstances Iím having to deal with right now. I still feel like Iím inside a vehicle, waiting for whoever is driving to arrive at a destination for a hotel I could go into.

    And the environment itself resembled a city where there's elevated train tracks.

    I can't recall what happens next. Either things ended up being pointless to me, since the plot development was basically nonexistent with these sporadic dream shifts, or my recall for the rest faded away when I went back to sleep.

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