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    Looking for Phil from Hey Arnold

    by , 04-27-2014 at 12:44 AM (439 Views)
    Looking for Phil from Hey Arnold (DILD)


    Iím looking at a series of buildings, and I presume the environment has a New York City kind of setting to it. I see a vehicle pass by, and immediately stops at a building that seems to be open. Thereís a sepia tone overlay in the dream in the initial stages until thereís a dream shift.

    Iím looking at things from first person perspective, and Iím walking with a female thatís my relative in waking life. This looks like a store that sells all sorts of things, and the overall color scheme is kind of dull, and doesnít really highlight any major features of the store. It seems kind of run down in a few areas, and before we turn right, I glanced over to the area in front of me that looks like where the cashier would be located.

    I see a few items that are levitating, and the first one that attracts me is one that looks like a vanilla milkshake with cherry on top. I believe the female relative was discussing something with me, but I didnít bother to pay too much attention to her, or maybe what she declared was to prompt me to go to another area of the store.

    We navigating through the area, and I noticed several dream characters that looked like individuals in waking life where I worked. One was a Hispanic man with a black mustache wearing a hair net, and he seems to be operating near a seafood section. The flooring seems to have some subtle leaks of water, and other unknown liquids as well, and thereís pipes that seem to be disconnected, and very loose as well.

    It seems our objective is to find if Phil from Hey Arnold! is still operating this store. I seem to be really into this occurring, and continued to watch the mental projection of myself searching for this individual.

    Our trip abruptly is finished when the female relative told me that he doesnít seem to be here at all, and even added that he probably died.

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