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    WILD + Spirit Guide Search Failed + Pseudo Lucid Dream???, Who's That Anime Blonde Chick?

    by , 09-16-2012 at 03:58 PM (1997 Views)
    WILD + Spirit Guide Search Failed + Pseudo Lucid Dream??? (WILD)


    I woke up around 3:23 AM from this. Before then, I believe I had woke up for a while, and was conscious of it. I closed my eyes and was sleeping on the right side of my bed.

    I decided to try and imagine some random image, which was:

    " n_n " emoticon, I sort of pushed my eyes out, and from that point, those sensations started to come back to me. Random numbers, Then a mini Green 0,1 matrix font coming down.....and then more random numbers and images, BAM.

    YES!!!! WILDED LIKE A BOSS!!!!! SUCK IT 20 minute WBTB.....10 second WBTB FTW!!!!!!!!

    Also, this pushing eye my eyes thing while I focusing on one image for a few seconds, and then seeing random stuff appear....I wonder....maybe I should try that again after this entry...


    As the images and numbers started streaming, literally giving me the sensation of having my dream body pulled out and then laid on the edge of the bed, I finally have my dreaming eyes opened without trying to force anything open.

    Good..goood...let the lucidity flow in you LINK. I stay in this awkward position on the edge of the bed where I have my upper breast region, head, and arms on the bed. My arms were spread apart and stretched naturally. My head was on its left side, and I realized immediately that this dream setting is set for night time. I slowly get up, amazed, but still calm, that I'm dreaming.

    Then I decided to touch myself so that I wouldn't be indulged into that excitement, and possibly ruin my dream stability. So I rubbed my chest with my hands for a while, and my thoughts start becoming clearer now, I realized that using the mentality that being exciting or pumped up would be useless, so I might as well just be nonchalant about the whole thing to increase stability.

    For some reason throughout the process of rubbing my chest for a few seconds, I had an image of Madara Uchiha appear with the Rinnegan, in a completely lifeless form.
    Weird.....maybe it's just an afterthought when I woke up...but it just came up when I was just typing this stuff below.

    I didn't pay attention to the surroundings in my bed for too long, though I did see a orange-yellow night light source on the north-east side when I turn my head to the left(since I'm still standing on the ground next to the edge of the bed).

    I saw that there was a huge dresser shelf laid out to the left of the night light as well, and also a mirror on top I believe, but I paid more attention to the shelf instead. It was light brown, had a fairly shiny wood coating on it, and then I decided to do a nose plug reality check.

    I take my right hand, plug my nose, and tried to breathe, and I can't breathe at all. Maybe I didn't plug my nose completely, but I'm pretty sure that I did. I attempted another nose plug reality check, and got the same result. I also felt the lower torso of my body sucking in, except that I didn't feel too much of it compared to if I did the nose plug RC in waking life.

    I did hear that sound where if you didn't plug your nose all the way, it would make that "pbbbbt" sound
    (try to leave a little hole open in your nose if you do a nose plug reality check, and you'll know what I mean).

    A nose plug reality check where I can't breathe through my nose....HA...

    Better resort to the good ol' finger counting! So I take my hands out from the nose plug reality check, look down, they looks like my hands alright. So I started to count from the right hand thumb.

    1 2 3 4 5 6....yep, 6 fingers is definitely abnormal, definitely dreaming. And during this whole process, I finally become cognizant that the moment I turn my body around, I find that there's a door a few feet to the the right in front of me. Something about area feels.......kid like....spacious....there was this feeling, as if I was a spoiled little kid.

    Mind you, I still had my dream body of now, so I wasn't a little child in my dream, even though I didn't look at myself in the mirror. I was sure of this because when I rubbed my chest from before, I felt these slight bumps, and I was most likely in a muscular body than in waking life.

    Anyway, after reality checking, I started to collect my thoughts together, not aware if I'm naked or not.
    (I know I was naked in waking life).

    I told myself,

    "As soon as I open this door, I will find my spirit guide............."

    I slowly turned the knob of the door to the right, feeling the circular edge around it, and opened the door slowly. I take a little peek out without popping my head between the gap,

    "Okay maybe not????? Sorta?"

    I opened the door completely, and it's apparent that my bedroom exit would be next to a kitchen to the left of me. The section to the right of that is completely dark, and I presumed it was the living room of this random and spacious house. I haven't stepped out of the bedroom as yet, but as soon as I did, I noticed my mother is standing there to my right.


    I look at her for a while, and I'm bit shocked by her presence, but I went back to calming myself down and tried not to get too excited. It seems she's wearing clothes that resemble her sleeping outfit. She's wearing a white tank top that had very thin arm strings, and she wore sky blue velour type of pants.

    She had a bit of a stomach to her, and had thunder thighs as well. Her hair is tied up, and the rest of it is curved up into a ponytail style that's balled up. I looked down on the floor a little bit to distract myself and try to come up with something to do with her being here.

    I get close to her and try to reach my hand out to her, but as soon as I try to touch her hand, she immediately retracts it.

    Oh come on now, you're not my mother if you do that, even if I don't know you too much, you were never like this.

    I stand there disappointed in myself, not really thinking too much on why she retracted her hand just now, and to be honest, from the dream I had yesterday about her, there was no point resorting to rage at all.

    She starts to move perpendicular to where I'm at, and as I'm watching her walk to the left, I tried to get her attention again.


    I then tried to make myself larger and tried to scare her, but I failed SO hard doing that. I get my upper torso and arms flexed and tried to lift them up, trying to get the sensation and imagining my body getting bigger, but no luck at all.

    My mother turns around, and she tries to imitate me as well...LOL...She fails in her attempt to grow larger as well. I try it again, just one more try, I did it with so much force that I felt my legs trying to come off from the ground by a few inches.

    My mother does the same thing again with imitating me, and by this point, she's completely useless to me, but I still decided to indulge into the thought that she's significant in this dream region for some region.

    So instead of running out of the house and TRYING TO FIND MY FUCKING AKASHIC RECORDS FOR GOD SAKE OR EVEN MY DAMN DREAM GUIDE, I stay in the house like a good little boy. *sigh* I waste my time for a mother who retracts her body away from me from every attempt of me trying to hold her hand....

    After our little imitation trick of trying to grow larger, which was kind of a cute mother-son bond thing (even though it was obvious this was just a lifeless dream character with no signs of initiative), and her not saying anything to me at all to this point, I still I had a fear about her.

    I don't know, when I was trying to get larger, I imagined her doing some scary shit like having her eyes pop out and her turning demonic or something, but nope....she's just as incapable as I am in the dream of doing these kinds of things.

    Then I hear a grunt from my left ear, and as soon as I turn my head to the left, I see my father trying to get into an erect sitting position as he's waking up. He's wearing a dark blue pajama shirt and pants with a even darker hue of blue stripes going down vertically. He has his eyes squinting at us, trying to see what's going on.

    Out of reflex, or maybe a slight shock, I quickly told him,

    "Oh no! Everything's perfectly fine here....."

    He makes a grunt noise and goes back to sleep, and by the time I turn my head back to focus on my mother again, she's by the kitchen on the left. It seems she's going to heat something up, maybe some warm milk or something of that sort. By this time....I decided.

    Screw this. I dashed to the door, which had a light shiny gray lock on top of it, I turn it to the right or left (doesn't really matter now), and I opened that door and catapulted my way out of there. I slam the door shut, and as soon as I turned my head, this fairly big neighborhood appears before my eyes.

    It's still night time, but I can still make out the contours of the houses around me and in front of me. It seems the house that my parents and I were in just now in the dream is located near a cul-de-sac.
    Ha....a dead-end, d----dOn'T ANALYZE NOW.

    There are a few small bushes to the left and right of me, and I could tell this neighborhood is fairly decent and peaceful.

    I'm surprisingly able to keep running without losing stability AT all...so plus for me..unfortunately...and it's very hard to for me to distinguish if there was something in the middle of the cul-de-sac, I slowly start to float in the air.

    I had no intention of flying at all, but figured that if I'm floating, this means it would be harder should my mother want to chase me, but in all actuality, that was not needed at all. Though I could sense that she was gone at this point, even though I didn't bother to look back at the house I came out of.

    I started to get higher and higher in the air, slowly flinging my arms and legs out, feeling out of balance, but I knew this was a dream, so I still remained calmed. Then my body starts rotating a bit slowly, and I could see that roof of the same house I dashed out from starts to open and remains tilted to the right side.

    A HUGE BEAM OF LIGHT SHOOTS OUT FROM THE HOUSE AND TO THE SKY. It was SO POWERFUL, that I swore it could've been enough to reach outer space...in the dream of course.

    Then I realized....I'm floating BECAUSE OF THAT.

    So basically, the dream environment is telling me like,


    I try floating away from the house, with all my might, but I'm completely incapable of doing so. So I went into "oooh screw it" mode and let the beam of light suck me in, and I'm almost in transitioning myself to wake up, but then I hear some voice....like the voice from the guy from "The Price is Right."

    No, not Drew Carey, the "YOU JUST WON A NEW CAAAAAAAAAR!" guy voice. I don't know where he is, but all I hear is (paraphrasing):

    "Find out how YOU can pseudo-lucid dream as well!"

    Wait wait........I KNOW that when I woke up with my eyes opened for a few seconds, I saw the fan I have in waking life rotating.....I think.....DANG IT, NOW I'M CONFUSED. Do I tag this as a WILD or a DILD contributing a FALSE WILD

    UGGGGGH..But but....how can I have those sensations of being pulled in, just like a WILD, I was in the dream in the first plac-----*cries*

    I don't know anymore! It's a WILD to me.

    Who's That Anime Blonde Chick? (Non-lucid)


    I can't remember much from this dream, but there was a lot of feelings of being hopeful towards a blonde anime female. There were a lot of people in the dream that were skeptical about her, but I still had more faith in her than any of them. She looked like the one chick from that show I rather not talk about. :x

    But if you do find it, "SHHHHHH."

    There were dream shifts where both of us were walking along some thin path. We had to brace our backs against the rocky walls, and make sure that our feet are still on the very very thin walkway, otherwise, we would fall into a seemingly bottomless pit.
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    1. Mindraker's Avatar

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    2. Linkzelda's Avatar
      I have no regrets!!!!
    3. Mindraker's Avatar
      I really have no clue who Sarah Scorpion actually *is*, though... never seen this person before in my life At least I know who Link / Zelda are.
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    4. Linkzelda's Avatar
      It's best you don't know her at all.
    5. TheForgotten 's Avatar
      Congrats on your mega WILD !!!

      Funny entry, I really liked the thought process you included as you responded to the various stimuli. Question tho. What makes you think your mom was insignificant? Not just that, I remember you trying to find your DG or something a while back (might have been a few months). Like you were trying to get intimate with her and the woman turned into your mother. I mean, people are only as significant as you allow them to be. What makes a person worthwhile or not? Is it in their ability to help you . . . or quite possibly in your ability to assist them?
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    6. Linkzelda's Avatar
      That's a big question Kaomea, and I don't even know how to respond to that properly for some reason.

      I guess the reason why I wasn't cognizant of taking advantage of that possibility, I rather have someone who I'm not attached too emotionally to assist me, I just want to see something different for once.

      But other than that, it would be nice to get a little glimpse of my Akashic Records (at least the concept behind it).

      Because to me, the Akashic Records seems to be based on merit, and like that last dream I had related to me possibly finding my Records, it didn't seem I deserved to see it. But going through the months, I realized, "This is total bullshit, how can something like this be based on merit....that you have to ask your spirit guide, and hope they think you're "ready" or some nonsense like that?"

      Then I realized......it's quite stupid, if I deserve to see it in the first place, to see if it's just hocus pocus or just some kind of divine way for actually using common sense, and that it's essentially accessible at any give time, meaning I could meditate if I want to and access it, then why is it so difficult for me to search for it again?

      I already know the sensations on how it feels for a WILD, though I don't take the necessary precautions to stimulate that kind of moment again.

      And also, to go back to your original question...what makes a person worthwhile, yes, I can see it in both ways, especially if I needed a self-esteem boost, but when it's just to see what your mind can do (since I'm still in the infancy of actually doing something useful, I can't really go into that state where I create scenarios where I feel that I'm truly alive when dreaming).

      I guess that's my answer.
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      Updated 09-17-2012 at 12:20 PM by Linkzelda
    7. Linkzelda's Avatar
      Like you were trying to get intimate with her and the woman turned into your mother.
      Also, that wasn't a DG, it was actually a projection of you lol. You then made a comment on how you would turn into my mother next time if I did something like that.
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    8. TheForgotten 's Avatar
      Link me to that entry. I searched 10 pages of your dreams for it but failed to find it. I don't recall you saying that was me
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    9. Linkzelda's Avatar
      No no, I meant YOU made a comment that if------------okay I'll find it...

      Right Here

      And here's even the quote the conversation:

      Kaoypoo:Hey Link, guess what?

      That sounds like me. I went running four miles last night so recall took a nose dive... then again, I don't think recall on my end really matters.

      Tell me, what's the best way to make someone stop doing perverted things? That and you always said you'd have issues with restraint and what have I always told you? That I'll know how to deal so don't worry about it. I think playing the mother card was hilarious.

      Ah but who knows. It's a good start though!
      Me:I might as well cut my dick off. This isn't fair.

      Wait, if you think I'm going to move onto you, one word:


      I should call you LMAOMEA instead of KAOMEA....hahahaha

      You'll find the rest in that link. Also, I didn't assume you were the DG, it was just a completely different situation that you just have to see.

      Oh and if you have trouble finding my dreams that refer to you, just search by tag "Kaomea."

      I was always eager to get those tagged ASAP to see how much you changed.
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    10. TheForgotten 's Avatar
      Ah yes, now I remember. HAHAHAHA.

      That was hilarious.

      Thanks for linking that, I was actually searching for that entry under 'mother'. You have weird dreams, Link.

      Hey and if you actually knew how many sexually charged dreams I used to have, you would not think it weird that I would think that.

      And also, to go back to your original question...what makes a person worthwhile, yes, I can see it in both ways, especially if I needed a self-esteem boost, but when it's just to see what your mind can do (since I'm still in the infancy of actually doing something useful, I can't really go into that state where I create scenarios where I feel that I'm truly alive when dreaming).
      I don't think you're in the infancy of actually doing something useful. Look how much time you've put into recording and developing yourself AND your dreaming. It's good to be humble though.

      Feeling more alive in dreaming eh? That takes a bit more effort. Do you think you could get that by feeling things more intensely in waking life?
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    11. Linkzelda's Avatar
      Do you think you could get that by feeling things more intensely in waking life?
      When I meet Alyzarin.

      Feeling more alive in dreaming eh? That takes a bit more effort.
      Definitely, getting my subconscious to actually help me instead of placing me in an empty environment, where I'm still bound my gravity, oh yeah, it'll take a lot more effort on my part.

      It's good to be humble though.
      It's not really being humble, it's just discipline. I already know my lucids will be my longest, and I hope to reach the recall that Hyu is able to make, it's always inspiring reading Hyu's dream journal entries!
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