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    Room Destruction

    by , 04-20-2022 at 12:21 AM (140 Views)
    For some reason I got the idea to moving slow rhythmic patterns to coax hypnagogia. For some reason, it worked, although I think I might have already been in hypnagogia, so maybe this was part of the dream or something? Anyway once I got inside the dream I took a deep breath, and asked the dream to give me clarity, vividity, and stability.

    I figured I'd try to expedite the process and try a less conventional method of stabilization: smashing everything in your immediate vicinity. The logic behind this is that you're engaging your whole body to do it. I grabbed my walking stick and swung at my tv, but it didn't break. I swung at it several more times and still nothing. So I then swung at my beloved PC and still, nothing. It was a tower dangling precariously off the desk, yet when I swung at it with full force, it didn't even move! Perhaps the dream has to be stable enough to simulate destruction.

    So did it work to stabilize a dream? No, not well. The dream was pretty good for a bit, but I lost the plot and started smashing stuff over and over. I focused more on actually trying to break the stuff then what I was doing it for. I then lost lucidity in the dream ended. The reason why I think the dream was as stable as it was is because I asked it to become that at the beginning. So next time, I'll try more simple methods of stabilization like rubbing my hands together, licking things, touching the environment, and perhaps stretching.

    Rubbing my hands together and stimulating my sense of touch in general has not been successful for me historically, but then again, it could be my fault. I notice that all the times I tried to do it, I never had my heart in it. So, I'll try the stuff that i've heard people say works before I start trying to reinvent the wheel.

    Still, I'm just glad to have a consistent technique after 2 years of trying. Hell, at this rate, I might not even need the omnilucidity tech.

    Of course, I'm still gonna test it.

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