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    Death's Other Kingdom

    Battle in a Cathedral and Tiny Dragons

    by , 03-17-2013 at 03:35 PM (311 Views)
    Beyond My Own Life (Non-lucid)


    I have returned to the Academy to take care of the great evil which has been running it. I am the prophesized Hero, so I must not be seen by any officials who report to the Headmaster. The Academy is located in an enormous Gothic style cathedral. I am hiding out in one of the back rooms, biding my time while the school participates in the opening ceremony.

    I screw up somehow and the Headmaster is suspicious. He starts toward the room in which I'm hiding. I dive under the bed, but it is too late. I'm caught.

    "Guards!" the Headmaster cries. "Kill her." He turns and leaves as the guards swarm me. I dive out the window and land conveniently in front of a pile of swords that one of my "followers" has left for me. I grab one: a sword with a black and sliver handle and a long, thin blade.

    The first guard that I fight seems to be sympathetic towards me. He is giving me tips on how to fight, and all his instructions are in a Video Game Tutorial Style. After the tutorial, our battle commences. I knock the first guard's sword away, and kill the ones who leave me no other choice. I feel an odd satisfaction as my sword slices through their chests.

    The remaining guards (who are apparently on my side) run off. But the alarm has been raised. Now the Priests, with their long white robes and stupid looking headdresses, are coming after me. I hide in a large pile of sand, along with a young boy who has been helping me. The boy makes way too much noise while we are hiding (despite me practically begging him to remain silent). A Priest grabs us... Fortunately, it is one of my followers in disguise. She leads me to a room where the others in our conspiracy are working.

    I lose the dream shortly afterwards.

    Small Dragons (Non-lucid)


    I find two small dragons in my room. One of them is black and living in my bedside table. The other is green. I let the green one inside through the window. It seems happy inside, but it keeps biting my finger. It hurts, but the dragon is so cute that I just allow it to bite me.

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