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    Death's Other Kingdom

    Dillon The Weird

    by , 03-07-2013 at 03:52 PM (362 Views)
    Dillon the Weird (DILD)


    I am in a dark room that isn't entirely part of our normal dimension. A few other people are there with me, including a creepy kid named Dillon who I've apparently had some issues with in the past.

    I am leafing through a small notebook that I've stolen from Dillion. He is trying to take it back from me, so I'm distracted as I am both holding him back and reading the notebook. There is a strange globular thing on one of the pages that is similar to a small heart. I squeeze the little heart a few times to see if anything happens. At the bottom of the page, red writing appears that says "5 New Deaths."

    Dillon laughs at me. "You just killed five people!" he says.

    "What!?" I shriek. Another person in the room explains to me that this is Dillon's notebook of death. I decide to keep it away from him so that he can't kill anymore people with it.

    Later, I am back in the normal plane of existence, walking through a parking lot with my dad. I suddenly get the feeling that Dillon is nearby. "Better be on the look out," I tell my dad. "This creepy kid is going to try to attack me."

    I pull the notebook from my back pocket and try to put it in my jacket pocket. It gets caught on the material, though, and Dillon shows up just as I'm struggling with it. "Give me back my notebook!" he yells at me, lunging forward.

    My dad grabs him and begins shaking him violently around. Dillon goes invisible and manages to run off.

    "You should send more of your dream characters after me!" my dad laughs. "I'll kick their asses, no problem."

    I think that he wouldn't be so cocky if he ran into my dream guide. It would take a lot more than shaking him about to defeat *him.*

    Random lucid moment behind me, I continue into the store. I'm supposed to be looking for specific items that represent certain people that I know who are part of some kind of creepy cult conspiracy. On the highest shelf in the store, I see some My Little Pony cloaks (of all things.) I know that this is the item that is supposed to represent Bryan, leader of the cult and a hugy brony.

    I gracefully jump onto the shelf and sit there, examining the cloaks. Though I wouldn't call myself a brony, I have watched MLP as a kind of guilty pleasure. I absentmindedly sing the theme as I'm looking at the cloaks. Suddenly, I notice someone is singing along with me. It's Dillon.

    "You watch My Little Pony?" I ask him, surprised.

    "Yeah," he admits.

    This sparks a conversation, and I learn that he is not as evil as I had thought. He is actually really sweet and sensitive.

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    Tags: cult
    lucid , non-lucid