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    Death's Other Kingdom

    Let The Fear Begin

    by , 11-22-2012 at 03:30 PM (478 Views)
    Night of 10/8/12

    I am lucid, though it seems to be a very low level.

    I have accidentally awakened an evil Goddess, who is sending horrific atrocities to torment me. A large, disturbing deity has risen up from the ground, among other horrors. Narration claims there are Holy Books at my disposal to get rid of everything, but I cannot see the books.

    I flee and somehow end up with a talking sheep as a companion. We enter a building and are given a riddle that has something to do with a certain "Flor." I'm assuming that it's some sort of Earth Goddess reference. Somehow it ends up being a demented Silent Hill version of my friend Amanda who crawls from a stained glass window toward me.

    All sorts of creepy people whose eyes and mouths are stapled shut appear. They start shooting needles at me, which hurt A LOT. I try to escape, but they swarm me and drag me to the ground. Even though I know it is a dream, it is still very freaky. I am considering whether or not to classify the dream as a nightmare while the creatures proceed to pile on top of me. I force myself into a false awakening.

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