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    Death's Other Kingdom

    Of Sleep Paralysis, Molestation, and Demons

    by , 07-13-2014 at 03:22 PM (871 Views)
    Of Sleep Paralysis, Molestation, and Demons (SP)


    This is a jumbled mess in my mind, but I'll try to draw some sense out of it. I normally consider my SP episodes lucid, but I was so confused that I thought all of this was actually happening because of demons instead of SP.

    After some kind of parade involving Sam and Dean Winchester, I find myself in sleep paralysis, entirely unable to move. I don't know where I am, but I'm not in bed. There is a sharp pain in my hips as if someone is pushing my legs up towards my chest--- as I am not flexible at all, this is quite painful. Despite the pain, I am inexplicably somewhat aroused. I keep expecting something sexual to happen, but it doesn't.

    I open my eyes when I feel someone grab my wrist forcefully. It is my grandfather, who's a preacher, performing an exorcism over me while shaking a bible. I notice that no one is actually moving my legs--- they are flailing around on their own accord. I am quite calm and not freaked out at all. Simply confused.

    I manage to break out of whatever spell I'm in and pull away from him. He explains that a demon is after me, but I don't listen. I think that I'm late for a class and have to go get ready.

    I end up at my friend Jake's house where I ask to take a shower. For some reason they have this large bathhouse outside that has locker-room style showers. There are other people in here at first, but after I start my shower everyone else leaves. I had been told by my grandfather not to enter here, because this is "where the Fallen Angel landed when he fell."

    In the midst of my shower, I somehow end up flat on my back as the water splashes down on my face. I can't get up, or even move. My vision is confused because I'm seeing the dream shower as well as flashes from my actual bedroom (so I assume my eyes were at least partially open during this time). I hear an old-fashioned radio announcer ardently reading some apocalyptic sounding text, though I can make no sense of what he's saying. There is a high pitched screeching in my head.

    Now starting to get a little freaked out, I use my normal foot-shaking technique to wake myself up.

    I wake up, but don't move and instantly go back into it. I'm now thinking of turning this into a WILD, but I still think I'm lying down in the shower and I'm really concerned about either the demon coming back or someone wondering why I'm just lying here, so I wake myself up again.

    By the time I realize I'm not really in the shower, I'm too awake to get back into SP.
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    1. Mantic's Avatar
      I had a dream a while ago where some random girl pulled out a book and started reading what sounded like some evil "apocalyptic sounding text" with a weird filter over the noise. Couldn't make out what was being said though