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    Death's Other Kingdom

    Task Of the Month - Semi-Success?

    by , 07-11-2014 at 07:53 PM (999 Views)
    Two more lucids to report! One really short one in which I accomplished nothing, and the WILD from last night that was a failure at my own task, but may at least count toward the TotM.

    I didn't post my brief failed attempt yesterday, so...

    Onward to Fail (DILD)


    I'm talking to my parents, when I reach up to feel my hair and notice that its longer than it should be. It seems to be as long as it was before I cut it short, which means it's well past my shoulders. How could it possibly have gotten so long again?

    It couldn't have. This only happens when I'm dreaming, I remind myself. I instantly recall the task that I've already failed at once. I'm supposed to find Dreamer and then find an elevator to Hell. I walk off, starting to call for her, but quickly feel myself losing the dream.

    I try to stabilize it... No luck.

    I'm pulled into a false awakening.

    My problem seems to be that I'm too worried about stabilization, which causes me to think too much of my physical body. Since my attention is more on worrying about waking up, I lose the scene.


    Critter (Non-lucid)


    There are three black widow spiders in front of me, having a conversation. They are neutral to my presence. They also seem to be males, which means they're not venomous. Still, I'm not too keen on being bitten, so I am doing my best to get what I need without coming into contact with them.

    I reach around their webs, only to be bitten by a different kind of bug. At first I think it's one of the spiders. I jerk my hand back and the bug comes with me. It's this weird blobby thing; I can't really call it an insect because it doesn't have six legs--- it only has four. Still, it's insect-like. It is white and globular; each part of its body looks squishy and balloon-like except for its legs, which are serrated like a grasshopper's. Its body is clearly intended to try to camouflage it as a rabbit. The bug's hind end is equip with blobby extensions made to look like rabbit ears. It's real, insectoid head protrudes from its back. (Although since it seems more like the bug walks upside down and backwards, like a human trying to do a crab walk, I suppose the head is actually protruding from the creature's stomach). It is the size of a small baby rabbit.

    ((This is the best I could sketch it with my non-existent art skills.))

    I stare in awe at the strange creature for a while before I learn it can talk. This surprises me, despite the fact I found talking spiders perfectly normal. His name is Jack and he becomes my friend.

    Journey Toward Hell (WILD)


    I'm lying in bed awake with my eyes closed when I feel a slight vibrating feeling that means I'm about to enter sleep. It would be great if I can turn this into a WILD since I wasn't even aiming for that. The vibrations grow stronger, and by the second wave I am fully within sleep paralysis. I figure I can just get up and start the dream. I'm wrong. I open my eyes, but I seem to have opened my physical eyes instead of my dream ones (something that I'm able to do while trapped in SP). When I do, the vibrations feel like they're tearing my head apart. I quickly shut my eyes again.

    Surely if I just lie here, it'll HAVE to turn into a dream. I wait, but nothing happens except for more uncomfortable vibrations. I try to move, hoping I can just get up and walk into a dream. I'm completely unable to budge a single muscle, phantom or otherwise. Normally I can imaging rolling out of the bed to get the dream going. This doesn't work either. Maybe WILD isn't the best technique for someone who suffers from chronic sleep paralysis anyway.

    Finally, I'm able to lift my dream arm. I grasp around blindly, reaching for something that I can use to pull myself up out of my body. I reach a dresser and finally manage to succeed in untangling myself from the physical world.

    I'm standing in my bedroom just in front of the door. I do a quick RC just for good measure, but it's not necessary. I'm already lucid.

    I run out the bedroom door, ending up in my childhood home. No way am I going to fail at my task this time! I do my best not to think of the dream ending as I exit my house. It's night time and pitch black outside, unlike in real life where the sun has just barely risen. I sprint across the street toward my neighbor's house. I call out for Dreamer, banging on the door.

    The door swings open and a sleepy looking purple-haired girl stands there staring out at me. Finally! Some hint of success! "I found you!" I exclaim in delight. "Now we've got to find an elevator and make it down to Hell!"

    I grab her hand and pull her out of the house, trying to convey the necessity for speed. We start to run down the road together, full throttle. "I know where an elevator is," she tells me, seeming to understand what's going on now after her brief confusion. "Follow me!"

    As we run down the street, she asks me why I'm asleep at such a strange time. At first I don't understand; then I remember that she lives in Australia. "Oh, right. There's a huge time difference between where you are and where I am," I tell her. "Last time I checked, it was 7:00 in the morning here. That seems like a while ago and my alarm is supposed to go off at 7:30, so we really need to hurry!"

    She leads me to a section of the street that never fails to have some kind of evil within my dreams. I hope this time will be different; I don't need any distractions. Dreamer veers to the right toward a farm that used to have donkeys irl. We run through the dark field toward an outhouse-shaped building. Suddenly, an evil looking farmer in a tractor begins riding toward us. I feel a twinge of fear at his appearance, but I ignore it.

    We run into the "outhouse" which turns out to be far bigger on the inside than on the outside. I expect there to be an elevator in here. Instead, it's filled with hay and dirt. Dreamer and I climb up and hang from the ceiling like ninja's hoping to hide from the evil farmer. He'll never look up here, I tell myself.

    He does. He looks up and sees us as soon as he walks into the building. An evil grin spreads across his face. Once spotted, Dreamer and I drop from the ceiling to face him. The man wordlessly turns and pulls a lever by the door. The floor drops away beneath us--- we're falling into a pit which most likely leads to Hell.

    Dreamer gives me a helpful smile. "Does this count as an elevator?" she asks.

    I don't think it does. I summon a platform beneath us. It's one of those circular platform elevators that I've only ever seen in video games. There's a vague rumbling noise as the elevator slowly descends deeper and deeper into the ground. It's dark, and there's not much scenery, so I start to become concerned with losing the dream.

    "Can't this thing move any faster?" I complain. I run from wall to wall, trying to keep focused on the minimal imagery. It's no use. The dream fades and
    I have a false awakening.
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    1. ~Dreamer~'s Avatar
      So cool that you included a sketch!

      Awesome work on the task, you definitely deserve those wings!
      Glad I could be (somewhat) helpful with directions!
      It's funny that the time zone difference was brought up before you consciously realised it!
      Glad the evil farmer didn't give us too much trouble.

      Thanks for dreaming of me, I'll be sure to bring you along in a future lucid adventure!
      LolaTheLoner and CanisLucidus like this.
    2. LolaTheLoner's Avatar
      Thanks! And you were definitely very helpful, even if it wasn't originally an elevator you led me to. For some reason opening up chutes in the ground seems to be the preferred way of getting down below in my dreams. Now that I've gotten my wings, the elevator isn't entirely necessary anymore. Next time I'm going to ask you to just lead me through to a more direct route, since the DC version of you is apparently relatively good with directions.

      I look forward to reading about it once you do!
      ~Dreamer~ and CanisLucidus like this.
    3. ~Dreamer~'s Avatar
      I look forward to reading our next adventure!
      This will be fun!
    4. CanisLucidus's Avatar
      Really cool dream, Lola! I particularly enjoyed you and Dreamer crawling around on the ceiling like ninjas. I thought for a moment that a serious outhouse fight scene was about to take place, but you got to your elevator so it worked out for the best.

      It's also cool that Dreamer hinted at the time zone difference before it dawned on you. In my most recent lucid she reminded me about one of the TotM's, so it seems like she's worth listening to.

      And great critter, by the way! I love dream wildlife creations!
      ~Dreamer~ and LolaTheLoner like this.
    5. LolaTheLoner's Avatar
      I was surprised myself when there wasn't a fight. I fully anticipated one, as evil as that guy looked.

      I thought it was pretty cool that she mentioned the time zone difference before I even thought of it. She does seem to be quite knowledgeable even in our dreams.
      CanisLucidus and ~Dreamer~ like this.