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    The restricted cell phone

    by , 08-19-2012 at 02:39 PM (272 Views)
    I was driving my dad's car and i was doing it illegally because i only had a permit and no other adults were there. the cops CALLED MY cell phone and said that i did something illegal using the phone (not the car) so they were "restricting" (as the cop called it) my phone. i wouldn't be able to make calls or anything. so now its me my dad and franklyn in the car and we stop somewhere. just before we leave, i see gamestop and ask them if i can go over there and ask them a few questions for my phone. my dad doesnt know what to say because franklyn yells at me, saying he has a basketball game. i tell them it'll only take a few minutes. i go in there and ask the employee what was wrong with my phone (i didn;t tell him that i k new it was restricted so i can see if he comes up with that conclusion). He tells me that it's restricted and it'll take a from a certain date to a certain date for it to be back to normal. thank gosh it wasn't permanent. my dad and brother outside is now looking impatient because it's been passed 5 mins and im still talking to him. he opens the back cover of my case and shows me the dates. i don't know when but those dates became the dates of dogs life and death span.

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