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    The Fibonacci Code

    by , 04-15-2017 at 05:48 AM (751 Views)
    I still feel really behind on sleep which hopefully means I will hit REM rebound tonight. I had two dreams that connected together after waking up for a short moment. It was clearly inspired by watching the davinci code last night. I knew it was a weird situation but I sort of reacted sarcastically and went with it.

    10:00 AM
    The Fibonacci Code (Non-Lucid)

    I have been summoned to a museum by a catholic bishop and priest who need me to decipher a code for them. "Isn't this basically just the plot to the davinci code?", I ask. "Yes, but this time it's real.
    There is this sequence of numbers at the top that we have never seen before. Thats as far as we could get." They show me a piece of paper with the first fibonacci sequence followed by about five lines of cryptic riddles.
    "Have you guys even seen the movie? This is clearly the fibonacci sequence. Can I go home now?" I honestly got really bored with this dream pretty quickly but for some reason I kept following them around this museum solving basic riddles for like an hour. I eventually woke up laughed about it with my girlfriend yet fell back into the same dream for another hour without becoming lucid.
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    1. DawnEye11's Avatar
      Lol XD Funny how they had you solving so many puzzles for an hour. It was also pretty ironic when he said that it was real when you were in a dream. It may have been pretty boring in the dream but at least you had something to laugh about after you woke up.
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