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    The Dream Adventures of MadMonkey

    First Dream Guide

    by , 09-25-2010 at 07:58 PM (685 Views)
    Edit 8/5/2016 Because this dream was in my private thread and I feel it is important I edited a less memorable dream to make room for this one.

    First Dream Guide (MILD)


    I was outside of an old fashioned building on a hill. It was sort of like a cottage but bigger and has a large tower sticking out of one side. I was being attacked by this crazy witch lady. She was chasing me around the place shooting spells at me and I barely missed being... whatever the spells would have done to me. I became lucid and did a reality check. I didn't attack the witch because it seemed like she was acting insane because of some kind of curse or something like that and didn't actually want to hurt me. I think I did try electrolysis on her and if I did It didn't work. I got away from her inside for a second and saw that Gandalf the grey was sitting in a corner of the main room of the house puffing on his pipe and looked like he was thinking deeply about something and not paying any attention to us. I ran up to Gandalf and told him there is a crazy witch trying to kill me! I think shes under some kind of curse can you stop her? He stood up and said yes. He waved his hand and there was a small flash and the witch stopped trying to kill me. She looked confused for a second and then looked at me and Gandalf with a distinct smirk and thanked me for helping take the curse off her.

    She wore dark purple and had a brimmed hat that came to a point. A typical witch's hat. She was very hot and looked a lot like Blair from the anime Soul Eater.

    She wasn't actually Blair, but reminded me of her a lot. Her hat wasn't all crooked like that at the top though. I can't remember some of the details about her like her hair color but I think it was dark purple. I will have to take a better look at her next time I see her.

    After that she walked to the other side of the room and Gandalf sat back down contemplating something.
    I should have talked to Gandalf more. He used to show up on adventures with me in some of my dreams. He would have made a pretty great dream guide himself. I wasn't sure what to do with the lucid so I tried electrokinesis again and couldn't get it to work! But I just got it working again on Sunday. I picked up a metal fire poker to see if that could help me channel some of the energy. I was able to get a few small blue arks across it but couldn't get it to work. I was thinking to much and needed to just do it, like I do when I am semi lucid. I knew that I needed to do something more worthwhile with my lucid and remembered that I need to find my dream guide. I want Sun Wukong to be one of my dream guides but I realized that this witch girl totally fits my description of what I had thought my dream guide would in the past. Even if she isn't my dream guide she could still teach me a lot of stuff and help me find Sun Wukong or who ever is my true dream guide. She started walking away to a stone spiral stair case so I ran to catch up with her.

    I said "Wait! I was wondering if you could, um, train me, like be my dream guide, temporarily at least." She faced me but continued walking up the stairs, making me have to keep up with her to have the conversation. There was that smirk again. She purposefully interrupted me and said "Yes, sure thing, Your first lesson will be tomorrow night." She continued up the stairs. She seamed like she was in a hurry.

    I thought to my self shes hot and pretty feisty. Exactly the kind of girl I was looking for. She also seemed to know that it was a dream. I wasn't sure what to say. I did another reality check just to keep stable.

    I said "Can't you teach me tonight? I have trouble getting lucids on weekdays and-" She stopped and said, "but today is a weekday." I said "but I got a fog delay so had some extra time. Can you, like, meet me and make me lucid?" She said "Ya, of course." We got to the top of the stairs. We went through a hatch into a circular bedroom at the top of the tower. There was a bed, an oval mirror on a stand, some brooms and cauldrons and typical witch stuff. There was a large black cat laying on the bed. He hopped down and greeted me. He literally said "hello there" or something along those lines. haha I was a bit surprised he could talk. The witch tells me that she won't be able to teach me tonight because she has business to settle with another witch as she started putting potions and other things into a bag. She told me she wouldn't train me until she took care of that first. She got on a broom and flew out the window. I believe I talked to the cat a bit more but don't remember anything that was said. This dream ended and a new one began where I was not lucid.

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