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    The Dream Adventures of MadMonkey


    by , 09-20-2010 at 01:52 AM (818 Views)
    September 19, 2010
    Portal (MILD)


    I focus on MILD. I know I need to make sure to think more clearly in my lucids. This time I thought thinking step by step would work good. first part become lucid, part two become stable. Part three experiment with opening a portal. Part four take it to a baron part of the Mojave desert. Part five create my fortress. I also needed to remember to continually stabilize through out the dream.

    I was in my room and became lucid without doing a RC. Everything was very vivid and wasn't completely sure it was a dream. Okay step two stabilize. I felt my pants and noticed I had the same clothes on I had yesterday. I saw my super favorite gray sleeping shorts in the floor. I knew it was silly but I changed into those ones. I very Sudenly destabilized, nearly waking up. The problem is there were no lights on in my room making it hard to stay stable. I can never turn on the lights in my room in lucid dreams. I could only see a fuzzy squint and couldn't open my eyes. I thrashed around my room touching things trying to become stable. I refused to give up this dream. I did a noes RC and it helped a little bit. I had so far only stabilized the touch sense. I knew I needed the taste sense so I went up to the thing closest to me and forced myself to lick it. It was white and I think it was my closet door. It didn't taste good but luckily didn't have a lot of taste to it. I slowly became more vivid. I could open my eyes and things weren't fuzzy.

    I went into the kitchen and my sister was doing homework with two of her friends. It was day time outside even though there had been no light coming through the window in my room. I got some 5 gum and chewed on it. I don't care for mint flavored gum but 5 gum is alright and I just need it to keep stable.

    Okay step three. I started out with trying some electrokinesis as a warm up. I focused on shooting some at a coffee pot on the counter. I didn't think I anything happened but my mom said I did. I guess I didn't see it at this angle. Next I made one bolt come out of each finger. I made them meet in the middle and now focused on forming my energy into a ball. I got a small ball of what looked like a cross between blue fire and electricity. I once I got that I brought my other hand in and made it bigger and bigger. Once I got it into a stable shape about the size of a golf ball I let it bounce around on my hand. I went back and kept making it bigger and denser. I got it to about a meter across. Thats bigger than what I needed so I forced it smaller again and raised my hand above my head. I traced a rectangle about the size of my body and then it formed a portal. Cool now what.

    I didn't really know how to connect it to the place I needed to go. "Connect to uh the Mojave desert in a place where its Baron and theres no people." I said. I wanted to make sure it took me to the right place so I took my shoes and socks off and put it through the portal. I felt the ground and it felt like dry dirt. YES its the right place! I got over excited and went through but I wasn't in the Mohavee desert. I was on some college campus in a spot where there is dirt. D: I should have simply made another portal but I noticed a computer in a window which gave me an idea. I would try and search google images for a picture of the Mojave Desert.

    I flew over to a near by computer store and sat down at a computer. I typed in google.com and instead of google some search engine Ive never heard of before. It said PB or something and thats right I could read the computer screen. Basically I wasted the rest my dream. After a long time that I should forget it and just teleport there like the plan. I tried to charge up some energy again but I'm still need more practice.
    Grah why didn't I just spend the whole dream training! Now I was pretty frustrated and I flew back to the college and there where people there. I tried to charge up my hand and I ran and pushed it into one of the DC's chidori style. Nothing happened however. I walked over to a window that spanned the entire front of a building and round house kicked it. It shattered and fell and was pretty cool. A DC security guard ran at me so I grabbed him by his collar and his belt and flipped him over onto the ground. I tried to charge one last time and managed to get some electricity flowing but I woke up.

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    1. sisyphus's Avatar
      Wow, cool dream! You showed good control and focus. Even if you didn't reach your destination, you demonstrated some real talent.
    2. MadMonkey's Avatar